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Re: 'Pedophiles are Infiltrating the LGBT movement'

"Anything goes" clearly doesn't apply to sex, so let's seriously discuss what goes and what doesn't. I think the real test of modern sexual liberation will be the discernment of immoral sexual behavior from perfectly moral behavior.

If we fail to condemn truly immoral sexual behavior then we risk collapsing into fractionated communities where restrictive sexual norms are enforced in some and chaos reigns in another. This won't be good for anyone because some sexual liberation is needed in this time of effective contraception but reasonable regulations need to be in place.

No pedophiles, no sexualized drag kids, no teenage transitioning, no more than 4 genders (if that), and no changing gender day-by-day. Does that sound like a good start?

mattco 2 June 8
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The problem today is that 'condemning' anything is "problematic" unless it is happening on the Right.

No one on the Left wants to condemn anyone/anything of the Left - it awakens the mob.

So, people that speak up have to be fairly confident that the attacks that will come will be toothless. I can't be 'cancelled'. I can't be fired. Doxing doesn't work because all my info is already available out there and 'blackmail' is nothing but a joke to me. My friends and family would be 'meh' is someone tried to point to me and shriek like Donald Sutterland.

That said - step up, stand out, speak. It is necessary. I do agree with your list.


Well... I guess as a leftie you're appealing to me (sorry if thats a bit vein) but yes and no.

>Pedophiles can fuck off. ( the [how] is harder but I want to reduce the global pedophile count to zero, and no acceptance in society should be given)
>So can sexualising kids.
>Kids probably shouldn't be in shows of any kind but a kid doing drag in innocous for fun. But when its performing in a sexual way. No. Fuck off with that shite.
>The same applies to child beauty pageants. They are creepy as shit.

Literally every leftist I've talked to agrees 100%.

>No teenage transitioning.
Now I agree that the overmedicated US and the underfunded NHS Britain both have a habit of putting kids and teenagers on hormone blockers literally prematurely. But ideally I want to (in the UK) fund the NHS better so that everyone can get access to more therapy earlier and for longer before transition. In the US the road will be longer and rockier.

This will decrease the number of detransitioners and give the most people access to a happier and more complete transition. This might want to be accompanied with a paradigm change where you delay child transition as long as safely possible, and once transition starts, the children are closely and personally monitored for wellbeing purposes and so if its the wrong path for them their treatment can be redirected quickly and effectively.

I say this because transition is more complete and healthier the younger it is conducted. With exception of genital development (for later SRS) every other secondary sexual feature is better transitioned if transition is done younger and this is invaluable for trans people in terms of both their dysphoria, their future and societal treatment. (although there are some who will elect for a later treatment or no medical transitions for other valid reasons).

(Lastly I kinda wanna say, I feel detransitioners often give themselves a hard time. Even if you do that you are still worthy of love and are valid. Going through that shouldn't be the end of the world.)

Confused on:
>4 genders?
(I'm not sure exactly what you mean by this, what do you think is acceptable. man, woman, enby-bigender, enby-agender, enby-other? Like I would actually like 3 legalised genders Man, Woman, Non Binary (with maybe specifics in non-binary but having it as a legal catchall). Enby is another word for Non Binary by the way).

Can I knitpic just a tad - social transitioning for teens is, when medically supervised and advised, probably a good thing. Too bad I don't trust most therapists/medical professionals in this area any more. I stand firmly against medical transitioning. I would generally feel that social transitioning prior to 13 is setting up the kid for a nightmare puberty....without medical transition. And therefore oppose the social transition prior to 13 also WITH GREAT hesitation and reluctance.

I would have KILLED for social and medical transitioning at 13...14....15... but I also know that I am very much an outlier in the TS community.

@tracycoyle agreed. a lot of the problems are due to the world we live in. like right now if we just opened the floodgates then... well... as the metaphore implies it would probably cause much more harm than good. Therefore imho we need a LOT more funding pumped into... well the whole NHS but also into transition services for adults so that best practise procedures can be established better and in ten, twenty, thirty years we can extend transitioning younger people (with adequate safeguards of course) without the massive wash of false positives.

Also I don't think you're an outlier at all. Even those that don't long for it in childhood usually say "I knew something was wrong" and wished they had been given the tools to find out and deal with what it was.

@Creamegg There exists a Standards of Care (SoC) protocol. It needs to be tweeked a little because it demands a year of therapy and living in the gender of choice (I hate that phrasing) for a year BEFORE hormones can be prescribed - though I know of at least 4 major programs that get people they accept onto hormones right away. It is: evaluation by two therapists and a specialist; a year of hormones while engaged with a therapist on an ongoing basis - 2 to several sessions a month minimum; and a year of living in the target gender full time 24/7.

This has been the SoC for 30 years - it exists. There is not a lot of reasons to change it and it gives people the ability to point to the medical community and say "see, I'm serious and I have a support group of professionals in the field that have my back". This goes a long way to address concerns by others.

Two problems exist: people with mental health issues other than GID, think transition will solve them. It doesn't. Ever (IMO). Those issues have to be address, at a minimum, concurrently and with the patient's support/agreement. They can delay things. People need to have SOME stability before going into transition. I was told I was the most stable, prepared person the program I joined in 1987 they had met and the first year of transition was UTTER HELL.

Second, teens. Gawd I wished I could have transitioned then..No way in the 70's. Social transition guidelines could be the same, EXCEPT hormones.

Anyway. The medical community has NOT helped by turning 'transition' into a rubber stamp of everyone that walks in the door. THEY have failed the SoC.

@tracycoyle Thank you for laying that all out so clearly I really do appreaciate it 😀

The thing is I agree on every point but to the best of my knowledge its not really "the trans agenda" thats made this so bad its underfunding. The Tories in the UK, along with ritualistically sacrificing the poor and education money to appease the rich person feelings line, and now the elderly as we come out of lockdown with amongst the highest deathrate in the world (sorry tangent), have starved the NHS of money. Labour before them didn't do much better tho but thats centruism for you.

The story I hear of gender clinics is the NHS options have to see loads of cases without the adequate ability to handle the load so they are almost forced to fail the SoC.

As for America it seems like greedy oppertunists who just want to get as much money off it as possible.

The only movement I've heard being anywhere near this "oooo the scary SJWs want to transition everyone ooooo" is the informed consent clinics which work off a differnt SoC which is specifically its your body, so long as you are informed of the risks you can do what you like. Transition is not really a medical pathway but an individual's choice. But I've heard literally only one person here "on the left" talk about them and promote them. LITERALLY everyone else has at most mentioned them in passing as an interesting idea while supporting a better funded system that doesn't fail the SoC.


Sounds like a great start to me haha.

Idk why but the amount of smiles in your video, even when discussing bad shit, always makes my day better. Love your content 💜

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