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“Several countries are now labeling scientists who speak out against vaccines ‘domestic terrorist’. Evidence and scientific facts are ignored. It’s simply not accepted that experts share accurate information about the severe dangers of the injections.”

The Vaccine Death Report


Attempt were made by me in previous posts to warn people about counterfeit government operations. An accurate attribute of a criminal organization is the use of terror to bind people into participation within the dubious boundaries of organized crime hidden behind the false front of legitimacy, as illustrated with the old man in the Wizard of Oz narrative.

Those terrorized are those who belong within those dubious boundaries, and for the wise among the rest of us, that is clearly their weakness.

Added to the weakness of terror is the weakness of hubris, which is as if boiling hot water and freezing cold water are poured over the souls of people constantly causing predictable results.

If there are very well insulated “Elite” members of the most powerful criminal organizations dominating the planet at this time, how would they be free from both terror and hubris, while at each level below them, that condition of mental confusion, cognitive dissonance, is ever present as a controlling influence?

What fail safe harbors protect and serve the “Elite” to afford them the luxury of peace and tranquility, the time to think rationally, and therefore the power to act in their own defense against all the clear and present dangers so clearly present to everyone caught below in the malevolent and turbulent maelstrom?

I propose that the so-called “Elite” have no such safe harbor, as it is unimaginable, it is unreasonable, it just does not fit the accurate account of the facts that matter in the case.

The “Elite” have only the power to purchase that which can be purchased from other human beings at each level below the dominant power, and they cannot buy loyalty. They are, as a rule, psychopaths.

As soon as the one most powerful among them shows the least sign of weakness, the very next most powerful psychopath will be on the case like stink on shit. Weakness is verboten, and the penalties for weakness – as a rule – must be terrifying. Even if these psychopaths can build dumb ass deep underground military bases, they – as a rule – have to take fellow psychopaths with them into their version of paradise, and they would also need to take an army of sycophants with them, or these most powerful rulers of the despotic world would have to do all the things needed to be done themselves, including all the dirty work required to be done in order to maintain criminal order. There would still have to be lies believed by the targets, and the targets would still be potentially enlightened by the truth, setting them free from the lies that bind them, which again would terrify those who depend upon those lies binding their victims into abject servitude.

How then is this current situation likely to play out where the new generation of Angles of Death, like Doktor Bill Gates, and Doktor Tony Fauci, neither of which are doctors in the moral sense, the accurate accountability sense, as they experiment on people, including children, and as they pile yet more innocent victims on their growing mass murder pile, doing so with impunity with their Bio-Weapons their victims think are viruses, and with their Final Solution to their Bio-Weapon attack is also a Bio-Weapon that their victims think are vaccines?

Does it have to get to the point, again, where some of the victims are made to do the dirty work of running bulldozers to bury the growing piles of innocent dead?

Are they innocent?

If someone pays into this scam, they are not innocent. Sure, they are guilty of being victims of fraud, as they “truly believe” the lies told to them, but the concept of Guilty in Fact (actus reus) is only one step down from Guilty of Mind (mens rea) and by now, surely, the truth is right there to set them free.

Or is it?

Much of the work being done by the psychopaths, or sociopaths, or their armies of sycophants is done to segregate the population into opposing forces, force feeding each force with a demonstrably opposite narrative. The Globalist Dogma, all of which is at least half false, is fed to Group B, and Group C is fed a continuous supply of Nationalist Dogma, again at least half false. Only Group A, on their own authority, is empowered by their individual authority, their internal governing moral conscience, to even look for the other half of the truth.

Only Group A can be set free from the growing mountain of falsehood that is required to build the mountains of innocent tortured, terrified, horrified, consumed, mass murder victims, to be bulldozed into mass graves.

You are the judge, jury, and executioner actual. Criminals counterfeit moral conscience. The law is found with your mind. The law is not given to you.

Caveat Emptor.

Josf-Kelley 8 Sep 23
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We can make a good start by locking Fauci up.

sqeptiq Level 9 Sep 23, 2021

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