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Much of Voluntary Mutual Defense Association leads to Economic Prosperity

The force that lifts all boats is the tide, or the changes in the relative altitude of large bodies of water relative to the land masses caused by the gravitational field of the moon in orbit.

That is a long winded way of explaining a phenomenon (tide) with English words, and either the words are too many or the words are too few when the goal is to communicate the phenomenon accurately.

The words can be arranged poorly or richly, having a poor capacity to transfer the message accurately, or the words can be arranged with rich embellishments that capture the readers interest as if the best of the best salesman was selling snow cones to Eskimos.

The force forcing the tide that lifts all boats in a literal sense, therefore, is gravity.

The force forcing increases in the quality of life for everyone capable of this phenomenon (some people are incapable of perceiving the perceptions that constitute changes in the quality of life, so those people are exceptions to the rule, and there are other exceptions), and the force decreasing the cost of life for everyone, is the force of accurate agreement of facts that matter in any case of value transfer.

A value transfer is inaccurate when data describing value is poorly transferred, such as, in a case where someone is describing the benefits of Voluntary Mutual Defense, or someone is attempting to steal something from someone using fraud as a weapon.

A value transfer is accurate when data describing the value is richly transferred, such as, in a case where someone has, holds, and uses the value to be transferred before agreeing to transfer an exchange of value.

The power of agreement works in all forms of value transfer including the phenomenon called generosity.

Someone seeking validation of generosity, for example, may give what is known to be valuable to the giver, where the one seeking validation of generosity is evaluating the value of the value to be given to someone else, but the value transfer has yet to be confirmed as a transfer of value from the viewpoint of the receiver of generosity.

The receiver of generosity may receive the intended value transfer, and the receiver may reject the value transfer having held the value in time and place, and having for whatever reason disagreement as to the value of the value transfer. No thanks, I do not want to receive your generous gift, it would not be a voluntary transfer of value, please look elsewhere to validate your generosity, I cannot, and I will not, validate your generosity. No thanks.

Beware of Greeks bearing gifts is a reference to the original Trojan Horse, way before the first computer virus, unless organic brains are viewed as computers, then the lie that sold the Trojan Horse was a virus: a Trojan Virus.

Counterfeit governments selling Treasonous Central Banking Fraud, has been agreed to by everyone transferring the stolen property, receiving stolen property, banking on it, making a killing in some cases banking on the scam in their own way, and then exchanging the stolen property for things of value with other fellow enablers of Treasonous Central Banking Fraud. Each “dollar” is stolen property.

Those buying into Treasonous Central Banking Fraud, for the most part, are blissfully ignorant of their complicity in all the Crimes Against Humanity purchased by the Treasonous Central Banking Frauds in order for those Deciders to keep their power to Decide what must be done to maintain Treasonous Central Banking Fraud Monopoly. Pogroms, for example, such as World War II, are tools used by Treasonous Central Banking Frauds doing what they do best, which is to maintain their power to purchase anything that can be purchased.

That is thereby describing the opposite tide opposing the tide the lifts all boats, which is voluntary agreement in all value transfers. The tide that sinks all boats is involuntary value transfers.

The force of agreement forces the seller to find something better (higher in value and lower in cost) to sell.

The force of agreement forces the buyer to find something better (higher in value and lower in cost) to buy.

Collectively, when adding up all the value transfers transferred voluntarily, constitutes the tide that lifts all boats, as the quality of life reaches for the highest quality for all, within obvious human limitations, limitations that are often risen above as the tide that lifts all boats inspires creative solutions to human limitations. The prime example here is the relative comparison between the cost of one buyer finding the thing wanted when the thing wanted is on the other side of the Earth in 1774, and compare the same cost of discovering where the wanted thing is, on the other side of the Earth, in 2021. In the past the upper limit of human capacity to lift all boats higher in standard of living was comparatively low, as a buyer would have to depend upon words written on paper, messages traveling on wooden ships that depend upon thermal atmospheric activity (wind), horses, and people walking, connecting people on one side of the Earth to people on the other side of the Earth.

All that above is a lead-in on a thought I had just this morning concerning the costs of Monopoly Power, as exemplified in modern Monopoly Corporate Industrial Institutionalized Productivity.

This has to do with the third of the three branches of economy that branch from the power of agreement.

  1. Specialization
    Those best at doing something do their special thing, everyone does not have to do everything themselves, so people transfer value agreeably, rising the tide in this way: win/win.

  2. Division of Labor
    Specialists agreeing to transfer value voluntarily agree to trade the best that each can produce in their special way, leading to everyone having the best, and no one has to settle for second best.

  3. Economies of Scale
    One farmer working a farm to produce only as much as the farmer needs must spend the cost of farming to do so. The same farmer producing enough food for 100 people spends a little more to boost productivity, and after agreeable voluntary transfers with other specialists the farmer divides the costs of farming by 100 units instead of dividing the costs of farming by 1. This can be seen in modern agreeable voluntary value transfers such as is demonstrated on Monetized Media Voluntary Agreeable Value Transfers, such as a Popular YouTube Channel making a killing selling information to more than 1 person. Like the farmer farming enough corn to feed the farmers family, expending all the costs to do so, then increasing SCALE to 100 other families, the cost of farming is offset by all the income incoming from all those additional families wanting to voluntarily trade their special products for special food – like the farmer so is the Monetized Media Voluntary Agreeable Value Transfers – since an unpopular (low quality according to those who are evaluating the quality of the item to be purchased) YouTube Media Guru sells whatever quality is being produce to no one, receiving nothing in return at all, is comparable to a high quality YouTube Media Guru with millions of customers eager to purchase the next product sold by this very special individual.

Here then, after all that preparation, is the new thought I had this morning:

Surplus production is much more costly in cases where Monopoly Power enforces the end of competition (must be done in order to maintain Monopoly Power) as the Single Producer Produces High Volumes of Production before receiving Value Judgment from the Target Market. I use capitals as a habit, my Target Market is probably non-existent, so I can do whatever I want with words.

Cases in point are National Debts (printing way too much money, spending it on maintaining the Monopoly) and Car Manufacturers Cartelized with Petroleum Producers, by the mechanisms of counterfeit government, counterfeit money, and all the powers exerted to suppress competition, resulting in Surplus Petroleum Powered Vehicles. Oceans of Cars produced, but not sold, are placed in lots to rot, because the next years Petroleum Powered Vehicles are Marketed instead of taking the loss of selling the Oceans of Surplus at a Marked Down Price. Oceans and Oceans of Surplus Production is a phenomenon unique to Involuntary Associations enforced by Counterfeit Money Frauds combined with Counterfeit Court Systems, Counterfeit Science, Counterfeit Medical Treatment, and all that also goes with Involuntary Associations, where sellers and buyers are lying to each other as the rule, not the exception.

Liars are popular. That is a clue.

Josf-Kelley 8 Sep 20
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