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Sam Posted this on his Instagram recently. What are your thoughts?

ThomasSheedy 7 May 18
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#God gets all the credit and none of the blame.


Proof That the Univese is Mathematically Designed

What is time? How is time affected by gravity?

DMB: "Gravity is a perceptual illusion. You perceive being pulled to the surface but that isn’t what is really going on. There are two falling vectors for mass objects in space:

  1. parallel to the planet surface (outside the planet’s atmosphere)
  2. perpendicular to the planet surface (inside the planet atmosphere)

All mass objects are made of particles with mass values and space has no way to resist weight. This means the mass object will fall until it reaches its terminal velocity or until it is resisted by some other mass such as the earth’s surface. The mass object’s weight is equal to the force caused by resisting it to 0 km/hr.

Tony Collins [[]]: "Sorry, this very incorrect. if gravity is an illusion then what is causing the motion of the objects to reach Earth. Objects can’t move without a force."

DMB: "Not according to f=ma [force = mass x acceleration].
When a mass [object] is accelerated to a stop, you find it’s force is measured as a weight [in newtons].
Non-accelerated mass has 0 force/weight which is the condition of a mass object when it is at its terminal velocity."

Tony Collins: "I noticed you avoided the question - if gravity is an illusion then what is causing the motion of the objects to reach Earth? Also your use of terminal velocity is incorrect in this scenario. You can't achieve “terminal velocity” in the vacuum of space. Stop using buzz words that you don't understand. Again I ask. If I'm in the vacuum of space above the earth and release a rock. What causes the rock to fall to earth?"

DMB: "That’s funny. The moon doesn’t accelerate and it’s in vacuum space. The moon takes 27.322 days to orbit the earth. This doesn’t change. Why doesn't it change? Terminal velocity is a constant.
If you release a rock in space, it will travel the same as you in space. You have to accelerate an orbiting vehicle in order for it to fall back to earth. You’re leaving a parallel-to-earth-surface falling vector to a perpendicular-to-earth-surface falling vector.
“If you and, say, a platform you are on, are in freefall [i.e., the ISS], there will be no normal force, as the platform isn't counteracting any pressure you are applying to it.”

Tony Collins: "This speaks volumes. Actually the moon is in constant acceleration by being in a circular/elliptical orbit. I guess you missed that day in class."

DMB: "You think an acceleration can be taking place if the speed of the object is constant [the moon orbits the Earth once every 27.322 days]? Did you learn this in school? lol"

Tony Collins: "Again you don't need to be in freefall to be in space. But I'm certain someone as “educated” as yourself already knew that."

DMB: "I’m not educated (brainwashed). I use my brain."

Tony Collins: "Bravo! Good luck with that. It's doing wonders for you."

DMB: "I know. You, on the other hand, think objects at a constant speed are in acceleration and that free falling objects can move in a circular motion breaking Newton’s Law of Motion."

Bonus Question
In the equation E = mc squared, what does a velocity, the speed of light, have to do with energy and mass equivalence?

DMB: That equation is really a cipher to hide the truth about the speed of light.
E is always 0 and has no unit.
To decipher, exchange the E for a 0 and fill in the blanks on the other side of the equal sign.
0 = mc^2
0 = any number for mass multiplied by 0^2
0 = 0
The light speed is, in truth, 0 because it doesn’t actually move. Only a mass object can move through space and the photon is massless [a non-dimensional object].

Tony Collins: "Where exactly are you getting this mess from?"

DMB: "Calling it a mess disqualifies you from me giving you the time of day."

Tony Collins: "Haha. Not that you could even if you tried."

DMB: "So if I do it, what will your reply be?

Tony Collins: "You mean using the fictional buzzwords that you like to invent? I would probably just get a good laugh."

DMB: “…the total energy of the universe is zero."
Link: []

Energy = 0
‘E = mc2’ is ‘0 = mc2’

0 = mc2 means that whatever value you put for ‘m’ must be multiplied by 0 to equal 0 [energy]. For this to happen, ‘c’ must have a value of 0.
0^2 = 0
m x 0^2 = 0 [energy]

"Definition of words that Tony Collins doesn’t understand are as follows:
Parallel:“of lines, planes, surfaces, or objects side by side and having the same distance continuously between them”
“at an angle of 90° to a given line, plane, or surface”
“determining the position of one point in space relative to another”

Tony Collins: "Hahahaha - things that Stephane Guenette doesn't understand. Well that would be a very long list, so I'll list only what he does understands.

  1. Circular Motion: "In physics, uniform circular motion describes the motion of a body traversing a circular path at constant speed."

DMB: "Newton's first law states that every object will remain at rest or in uniform motion in a straight line unless compelled to change its state by the action of an external force.
Being in free fall means there is no external force. An object in free fall is in non-acceleration.
If an object has no external force applied to it, how do you figure it’s going in a circular motion thereby transgressing Newton’s Law of motion?"
In a mathematically designed universe if a sphere is given an infinite radius, it becomes a flat plane with no beginning or end. This allows an object the ability to both orbit and move in a straight line [adhering to Newton’s Law of Motion].
“In Euclidean geometry, a "circle of infinite radius" would be a straight line”

Zteph Level 6 June 21, 2020

As the song goes I swear there ain't no Heaven and I pray there ain't no Hell.

emrdl77 Level 1 May 21, 2020

Until Sam acknowledges that killing God only created a vacuum that was filled with radical social justice, post modernism, etc. I don't know how a constructive conversation can be had.

wolfhnd Level 7 May 19, 2020

The good that I do now makes me feel like a better person, not a better servant.


An atheist has to accept things they cannot control as they are. Dogmatic religions have an agent to take responsibility for them.

Pand0ro Level 7 May 18, 2020

@LogicalExtreme Religious principles vary according to the convenience of the one practicing e.g. the prosperity gospel and the 700 club. Religion usually does not alter behavior except when the practitioner uses it to berate those who do not follow it. I have known a few sincere Christians who really care about what Jesus teaches, but I know more who are not. An actual quote from one of my acquaintances on family values "a wife has to be faithful to her husband, a husband has to be pretty faithful to his wife."

@LogicalExtreme Christianity and Islam operate in the same manner. You have principles established that must be followed or the result is punishment. The structure of both religions encourage the outward display of adamant adherence while the personal adherence can be very different. Both have scriptures that can be interpreted in many personally convenient ways and are used to justify almost anything. Because of that religion does not necessarily breed morality. By most religions humans are imperfect and must work to be better persons. There are people who do not pay attention to that.

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