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The Rubin Report is the largest talk show about free speech and big ideas. Whether it’s the debate surrounding religion and atheism, foreign policy issues like immigration and terrorism, or big ideas like the role of government, Dave Rubin goes one on one with thought leaders, authors and comedians in ‘The Sit Down,’ has honest conversations and moderates opposing voices in ‘The Panel,’ and shares his own unfiltered thoughts in ‘Direct Message.’

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Dr Amesh Aldaja, MD blog. A very interesting series of current thoughts and insights on the coronavirus. He is an expert on infectious diseases, critical care (ICU) and emergency medicine. He was just interviewed by Dave Rubin ...
Jurecki Mar 16 Mar 16 22
Douglas Murray on "the most dangerous issues of our time".
purdyday Nov 17 Nov 17 22
Interesting and Compelling - "The Evolutionary Origins of a Good Society" (Nicholas Christakis Full Interview) Nicholas Christakis (Sociologist & Author) joins Dave to discuss the Yale Halloween costume debacle, his book ...
PhoenixPerson Apr 20 Apr 20 00
Wow - Avi Yemini on Jim Jeffries, Comedy Central, and Being Deported Avi Yemini (YouTube creator) joins Dave live to discuss his scandal with Jim Jeffries on Comedy Central and why he was deported. Avi was supposed to be in studio ...
PhoenixPerson Apr 17 Apr 17 11
Racism, Asian Stereotypes, and Young Conservatism (Oh My) Lauren Chen (Host of Pseudo Intellectual) joins Dave to discuss how she was made aware of race for the first time on a USA college campus, the difficulties she faces being ...
PhoenixPerson Apr 15 Apr 15 00
Allie Stuckey 2-parter! Christianity, Disagreeing, and that thing called "civility" 1) The Difference between disagreeing and hating 2) Christianity and Marriage
PhoenixPerson Apr 12 Apr 12 00
Here's a GREAT interview with Ben Shapiro! Check it out!
PhoenixPerson Apr 8 Apr 8 00
Censorship and Comedy & Journalism MUST SEE Bridget Phetasy (comedian) joins Dave to discuss self censorship among journalists and comedians, how the left is pushing people away, why she believes kids should skip college, why we ...
PhoenixPerson Apr 3 Apr 3 00
Oy. The Pro-life Case. Lila Rose (Pro-Life Activist) joins Dave to discuss Live Action and the importance of educating young people, abortion as a women's health issue, planned parenthood, and more.
PhoenixPerson Mar 27 Mar 27 00
Tim Pool on Dave! From March, Tim Pool joins Dave to discuss his appearance on Joe Rogan addressing censorship concerns with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.
PhoenixPerson Mar 21 Mar 21 00
Free Speech Wars!!!!!! (Call Bill O'Reilly) Alex Jones, Covington Kids, and Tucker Carlson (Robert Barnes Full Interview) Robert Barnes is a civil, criminal and constitutional lawyer who has represented many high profile clients. He ...
PhoenixPerson Mar 15 Mar 15 00
One of my favorites, IMO Must See: A Massive Hoax Exposes Social Justice in Academia (Full Interview) Peter Boghossian (philosophy professor at Portland State University) and James Lindsay (PhD in Mathematics) join Dave to discuss ...
PhoenixPerson Feb 18 Feb 18 22