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LINK Learning from Jordan Peterson's Iconograpy
Shared by APoizner
APoizner 3 Canada Oct 11 Oct 11 11 comment
In an amazing display of identity politics gone wild, Canadians — not Justin Trudeau — are being attacked and condemned for the Prime Minister’s blackface antics. In this segment from CBC’s “The National” the panelists were unanimous ...
Shared by GeeMac
GeeMac 6 Canada Sep 21 Sep 21 11 comment
What ever happened to it... Youtube
Shared by DesireNoDesires
DesireNoDesires 7 IA Sep 4 Sep 4 00 comments
I did post part 1.... Might as well post part 2... Of Jordan P Youtube
Shared by RemiDallaire
RemiDallaire 8 Canada Sep 2 Sep 2 00 comments
I'm rewatching this... And still am laughing my fucking ass off. So just for the heck of a grin... Jordan Peterson on Swedish TV and explained by John Ward. (Because you have to repeat shit sometime I guess) Youtube
Shared by RemiDallaire
RemiDallaire 8 Canada Aug 5 Aug 5 11 comment
Biggest Threat to Vancouver LGBT? The public Library? . Vancouver Pride banned both UBC and the Vancouver Public Library from today’s Pride Parade in a dispute over free speech. . The Pride Parade, which is heavily subsidized by taxpayers ...
Shared by GeeMac
GeeMac 6 Canada Aug 4 Aug 4 22 comments
POLL Just to remind people that in America Being a Citizens is not a Giveaway like the Democrats like to do. Illegal is illegal. Now to the Point we have members of our own Congress aiding and abetting Illegals in their crossings violating Federal Laws. ...
Shared by AfAN, originally posted infrom General & Hellos
AfAN 4 NC Aug 3 Aug 3 00 comments
A Broken Clock Is Right Twice Day It means no one one is ever completely wrong, or always wrong. It means to promote wisdom, the wisdom that even the most wrong is right about something. Also it's true wisdom, I have been thinking a lot on this ...
Shared by ChrisODonnell, originally posted infrom General & Hellos
ChrisODonnell 5 UK July 26 Jul 26 00 comments
Youtube Harmeet Dhillon is taking on Antifa and big tech [] Harmeet Dhillon is making history by launching Publius Lex, a non-profit organization with a broad mandate: to fight in the courts for civil rights of ...
Shared by Garsco
Garsco 7 NC July 22 Jul 22 33 comments
Civil Discourse? []
Shared by Deplorable, originally posted infrom General & Hellos
Deplorable 4 FL July 21 Jul 21 11 comment
A State forcing further political correctness indoctrination in schools. And the government are currently attempting to make it extremely difficult to HomeSchool your children. I wonder whatever for??? 🤔 Libertarian Party have actually ...
Shared by SeanFinchLP
SeanFinchLP 3 UK July 15 Jul 15 00 comments
Orwell's 1984 70th Anniversary Livestream. A livestream about the 70th anniversary of the publication of the book 1984 by George Orwell, and any other related subjects. []
Shared by benthejrporter1
benthejrporter1 5 UK July 12 Jul 12 00 comments
The internal issue between Conservatives and Democrats is not the Border. Its the sellouts who are using Illegal Immigrant to advance their socialist agenda, Promote their hate for American culture and to Give away Our Constitutional rights to people...
Shared by AfAN, originally posted infrom General & Hellos
AfAN 4 NC June 29 Jun 29 00 comments
Boys Need the “Men” Part of Mentorship -- Arguably, there never has been a greater need (than today) for men to come forward as mentors to younger men. To take them underwing as necessary, yes – but also stand arm’s length when they trip....
Shared by Veritatem, originally posted infrom General & Hellos
Veritatem 4 WA June 12 Jun 12 22 comments
Why Not Be a Real Good Man? From time to time, we find some would-be teachers and commentators strike a contrived contrast between what is a “good” man and what is a “real” man. Eliciting the crowd for comments, the audience will ...
Shared by Veritatem, originally posted infrom General & Hellos
Veritatem 4 WA June 10 Jun 10 11 comment
Finally [] Professor Jordan Peterson declares “Islam is not compatible with democracy” amid Canada's battle for free speech
Shared by Chicago
Chicago 7 Canada June 6 Jun 6 00 comments
How many of you guys have heard about Seasteading? I’m building a 17’ truss catamaran out of titanium alloy to help further the cause. It’s called the Seawolf and it should be ready by the Fourth of July 2019. If you calculate the cost per ...
Shared by Seasteader
Seasteader 6 Zimbabwe May 18 May 18 44 comments
Some introspection from Paul Joseph Watson. I wonder how all this censorship will change our information experience? Thoughts? Youtube
Shared by Chicago
WowHaus 6 CA May 13 May 13 11 comment
Youtube Dr. Jordan B. Peterson On The Impact Of the Radical Left
Shared by Chicago, originally posted infrom General & Hellos
Chicago 7 Canada May 13 May 13 00 comments
Hi, I’m new here :) - wondering if anyone has seen or heard if JBP has expressed an opinion about Quebec’s secularism bill, Bill 21? I very much would like to know his thoughts.
Shared by Cincykem, originally posted infrom General & Hellos
Cincykem 4 Canada May 10 May 10 00 comments
Jordan... On the presumption of innocence. Youtube
Shared by RemiDallaire
RemiDallaire 8 Canada May 10 May 10 11 comment
The internet has provided a demonstration of post-modernism in action. Not quite the word made flesh, more like post-modernism manifest?
Shared by DrN1, originally posted infrom General & Hellos
DrN1 7 UK May 10 May 10 11 comment
I had a thought about the relationship of Christianity and Islam, both arose in the Middle East out of Judaism, they share the same Abrahamic root and the same Prophetic characters, and Biblical stories. Christianity and Islam differ from Judaism in ...
Shared by DrN1
DrN1 7 UK May 8 May 8 77 comments
Youtube Sir Roger Scruton: How to Be a Conservative HooverInstitution
Shared by Chicago
Chicago 7 Canada May 5 May 5 11 comment
Philippines threatens war with Canada over 6-year-old shipment of trash. []
Shared by Garsco
Garsco 7 NC Apr 25 Apr 25 44 comments
College student: My generation is blind to our country’s prosperity Destroying the free market will undo what millions of people have died to achieve. []
Shared by Garsco
Garsco 7 NC Apr 25 Apr 25 22 comments
A Canadian Man has been convicted of "family violence" for referring to his child as "she" instead of "he". The Supreme Court of British Columbia decided that even a polite refusal to "honour" your 14-year old child's choice to live as...
Shared by CRBG, originally posted infrom Politics, Law & Policy
CRBG 7 Canada Apr 24 Apr 24 66 comments
Sign the petition to stop censorship []
Shared by MLACANA
AZWoman 7 AZ Apr 10 Apr 10 33 comments
Youtube Douglas Murray in conversation with Jordan Peterson
Shared by Chicago, originally posted infrom Philosophy & Ideas
Chicago 7 Canada Mar 28 Mar 28 00 comments
LINK Home Office cites Bible to deny asylum | News | The Times
Shared by VonO, originally posted infrom News & Links
VonO 7 TX Mar 22 Mar 22 11 comment

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