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Ministry of Truth – The Tentacles of Tyranny

Unless you live under a Sheeple rock you must conclude the EO created (meaning no constitutionally Congressional authorization!) Disinformation Governance Board – aka Biden’s Ministry of Truth – is a dictatorship ploy to tell how YOU how to think and believe. Which translates as Dem-Marxists determine what is truth and what is a lie regardless of actual facts or opinions based on facts.

The question becomes: When will Americans begin to rise up against the Dem-Marxist increasingly unmasked assault on Liberty?

I begin with Lou Dobbs and Tom Fitton discussing the Ministry of Truth on a Rumble video. Then the American Thinker examines the Ministry of Truth tyrannical aspects and the Canada Free Press focusses on the Ministry of Truth’s female-Goebbels in Nina Jankowicz: []

JohnHouk 7 May 2
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I think the Communists must also consider this a "job creating" thing. I mean those twitter "fact checkers" will soon be out of a job - right? So now they can hire on in this ministry of "fact checking" BS and keep right on doing what they do.

iThink Level 9 May 2, 2022

This Mary Poppins wanna be is not a woman at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just look at its jaw line and chin!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tell me it lloks like a woman?????????????? No it looks like a dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DUDE LOOKS LIKE A LADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then look at the MASSIVE size of its hands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Has anyone seen Quentin Tarantino lately?

@sobieskirocks Very good observation!!!!!!!!!!!!

Since biden likes tyrannies, remember the fake woman from pennsylvaia

@farmerguy56 I can't take credit. It was bugging me for a while who she reminded me of then someone on Breitbart made the comment. That's when it hit me who she reminded me of. LOL.

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