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Ya... this is where we are going

JohnBurke 7 Aug 29
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Whatever will we do?!

One of my favorite bands had to make no money for a year and the COVID crap is making touring not profitable. We'll lose favorite bands, favorite pizza shops. We'll be left with Walmart and Amazon Miley Cyrus. I don't want to live in that world.

Only if the Bands and creators allow their talents to be shut down.
Ever been to a Rave? Ever heard of a Speak-Easy? Ever hear of Black or Gray Markets?
If they want to eat and thrive they can.

@Heresiarch These people have crews and family and infrastructure they have to support. They can't live off raves. I know speak easies exist, I have no idea where one is or how to find one and can't imagine it's profitable enough to survive long term.

I am unconvinced this is a more than an extremely short term, stop gap solution. Besides that, everyone gets arrested as an insurrectionist. The bars around here are terrified of having the most patrons because they will get shut down.

@Penrodster All those people can go on with their concerts if they ignore the authorities. That's the point I was making about all the "illegal" forms of entertainment. If they have balls enough to break the law, their audience (funders) will be there, and there presence would be a powerful one.

@Heresiarch We're getting there slowly. The first ones will be smacked with the full force of the regime. I agree we have we have to stand up to but... The regime has harnessed law and businesses both. Concert venues fold to mandates knowing they risk losing everything if they disobey. The musicians need a place to play.

Hopefully we see more concerts on farms until the economics sort things out for sanity.


This is very bad news for everyone.

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