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Is this now happening???

JohnBurke 7 Aug 20
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The MochaVice, descended from slave owners, would in any universe allow Hillary as her backup? That's a death pact.
And, to appoint a Vice takes a majority of both houses. Could Hillary get that?
Might as well go this route. With a corrupt election allowed to stand, the US is already a laughingstock.


Good point, that both houses are required. That means Democrats need to install a VP before the 2022 election, because Republicans may regain a majority.

Democrats should have asked Ginsburg to retire before the end of Obama's presidency. They whiffed. Then after whiffing, Democrats demanded that Republicans respect Ginsburg's vote, even after death. Just like Democrats demand that the millions of fraudulent votes cast by dead people be respected by Republicans.

Upon the Death of Scalia, Democrats stopped respecting Scalia's vote. Yet Democrats expect us to respect dead Ginsburg's vote. Democrats are hypocritical jerks.

The oligarchy doesn't want voters to choose the president. They want it chosen by senators, who are enslaved to oligarchs. Democrat voters are idiots for not noticing this.


A large number of people donated a colossal amount of money to Hillary, and they want to see their bribes pay off.

There are lots of bitter Hillary cronies out there.

Biden spend 4 decades trying to be president, and now that he has the job, he has no interesting in the job.


I like a good testable hypothesis. Thank you for putting it out there.

@Penrodster @bobbo666 @JohnBurke @Sensrhim4hizvewz

Yes, hypotheses should be testable.

Fauci's hypotheses are not testable.

The hypothesis of leftism is testable, and the test has been done. Every nation that embraced leftism failed.

The hypothesis of capitalism has been tested, by 1781 America, and it worked. America became great. World champion in 2 wars.


Seriously, if Hillary became President, WW3 is coming quickly! That would be a nightmare scenario. One of the world's most vicious female psychopaths handed the keys to the world's most deadly military. I see a complete nightmare if that happened!

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