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Jordan Shames Pelosi; She Set Up Patriots On Jan 6 []

JohnBurke 7 Aug 1
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Irrespective of what Pelosi did or did not do, no one put a gun to anyone's head and told them to act a fool. They did that all on their own.

I mean, let's be candid: how many people who behaved like asshats on 1/6 did so because they thought they'd get the same level of protections from prosecution as BLM/Antifa? Because other than making a spectacle of themselves and taking selfies, there was no plan there. There was no, "we have to get to chambers and disrupt the count," to be had. This was general nitwittery from people apparently not smart enough to understand that there are double-standards for Trump supporters and thus needed to mind their Ps & Qs.

Does that mean that they should be languishing in isolation in prison awaiting trial? Absolutely not. But the conservatives are in enough trouble with optics that they don't need dumb followers creating a spectacle of themselves in front of the mainstream media. If these were actual patriots, they should've understood the lay of the land and recognized that the ONLY way conservatives are going to win back hearts and minds is by being everything the progressive Left IS NOT, and certainly not by emulating them.

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