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CDC Uses Bogus Study To Justify Tyrannical Mask, Lockdown Orders []

JohnBurke 7 Aug 1
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I think we're looking at this from the wrong direction. Our presumption is that the CDC is basing this decision based on faulty data...but what if it's really that the decision to lockdown again was already made and the CDC needed to find justification for it? And then finding no legitimate justification, they had to resort to a study that failed peer review, as the best they could come up with.

I believe this is nothing more and nothing less than the political establishment wanting everyone to remain scared and reliant on these "decision-makers" to save them from the manufactured crisis.

Why? Because they need people dependent on the Democrats. They need illegal immigrants allowed to vote - hence doing away with voter ID - and they need people dependent on government relief checks, which is only going to happen if businesses aren't allowed to operate or are required to pay $15/hr, forcing them to layoff workers. They WANT people to be dependent on government sustenance.

Ilhan Omar just recently introduced legislation to basically install $1200/month UBI for individuals making less than $75K a year and heads of household making less than $110K. Say what? To put that in perspective, across the U.S those making $75K as individuals are in the 74% percentile of earners. Based on 2019 distribution data, 53.6% of American households earn $75K or less; over half the country. Raise that up to the $110K threshold, and that's somewhere north of 65.9% of the population, a large portion of which would get a government check. (1)

They want your vote, your obedience, and your loyalty, and they're making you an offer you won't be able to refuse.

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