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Quote from the nuremberg trials against hitlers regime:

JohnBurke 7 July 26
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Good to know.

Now ask this question: since you have no hope of educating the masses out of their fear, do you do what the smart Germans who saw the writing on the wall did, and get out while you can?

THAT, at least to me, is the $64 question. Many Germans left when they saw what was coming, and I'm sure they took a lot of heat for doing so. But ultimately, they were the lucky ones. Many stayed, thinking it could never get so bad, thinking they could still fight what was coming, still make a difference. They were the unlucky ones.

See...this is what I'm fighting today. I see the writing on the wall, yet I hope beyond hope what I think is not going to happen won't come to pass. I keep hoping that we can turn back, we can fight it, all we have to do is ride out the turbulence. And then I'm reminded that this is what they thought in Weimer Germany, as well.


And the newest fear is "Delta Covid 19" and trust me when this has run it's course there will be a Covid 20 or some other named THING to fear!!!!
This is just the beginning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Remember "Covid 19" worked a lot better than "SARS"!!!!!!!!

Serg97 Level 8 July 26, 2021

Weimar Republic a strong democracy? 👀

sqeptiq Level 9 July 26, 2021

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