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Trump Supporter Handcuffed, Kicked Out of Yankee Stadium for Displaying 'Trump Won' Banner via @WestJournalism []

JohnBurke 7 May 29
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I don't really have a problem with this.

If we're going to tell Colin Kaepernick and other National Anthem kneelers to shut up and play (1), instead of using a national broadcast to promote politics and activism, we should also expect that we cannot using a national broadcast to promote politics and activism. That is fair.

(1) Not that he's actually playing, but there was a time he still was

I approve of both actions and removing people is a form of censorship.


Based on what? Some belief that you can express yourself in whatever way pleases you at any time and any place you want?

Imagine going to McDonald's and the guy at the register tells you, "Man, why are you eating here? Not only is the food here total garbage, but you're a fat pig who needs to go on a diet!" Would you expect that guy to be long for his job? But why? He's only expressing himself, even if his expression is the exact opposite of what his employer hired him to do.

Thus we have the overused saying, "freedom of speech is not freedom from consequence." The NFL didn't like how Kaep's on-field activism was impacting its ratings, and by extension, its advertising dollars. The Yankees staff had a rule that barred obvious political activism and this guy broke it.

Even more disturbing, you have pro-critical race theory activists claiming that they have a right to teach your children to hate themselves because it's "free speech," and you - the parent - have no right to rob them of their right to free speech, even though you may disapprove of it. Would you consider banning CRT in public school to be a form of censorship?

@Alysandir We are discussing the illogic of people's actions. I defend your right to say whatever you think, even if I may disagree. The issue of CRT is not in the same league.


Why isn't it in the same league? They claim it's a free speech issue. You apparently disagree, but won't talk about it.

And what does defending someone's right to free speech have to do with violating someone else's right to establish the rules for their environment? I doubt you'd want Drag Queen Storytime Hour being hosted in your living room, but isn't denying them that right - assuming they'd want to do it in your living room - infringing on their freedom of expression?

My point here - if I'm being too obtuse - is that freedom of speech is not a "get out of jail free card" to do whatever the Hell you want, wherever you want, and claim it's freedom of expression and no one can take that right from you.

Yes, you have the right to whip your dick out and piss all over my shoes. And I have the right to clock you for doing so. After all, we're just expressing ourselves. Except that's not how this works at all.

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