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LINK This is more dangerous than storming the Capitol. It’ll cause WAR, 100% guaranteed.

Pelosi wants a war? She’ll get it if that’s what she wants.

Rick-A 8 Jan 10
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Seriously, is Trump in control or not?

I think only THEY are important. But same in other countries too.

Our leader(??) defrauded the poor, lauded by the wealthy.


With her statement, Pelosi says 'our democracy' meaning those that follow her and the votes they count, not the peoples democracy or the peoples vote. It's obvious the fear of information he may release to the public.


Pelosi and her friends have been trying to burn it all down anyway. We won't start it but we'll gladly stand and fight for our country and all it stands for. If they think its so bad here in America I'm sure we can arrange thier transfer to a country of their choosing along with voiding thier citizenship.

Marc07 Level 5 Jan 10, 2021

We want them on the jail rooster!

@Rick-A for all involved in fraud and/or treason and terrorism im in agreement, however to anyone else that thinks it so bad in America please feel free to leave.

@Marc07 Agree!

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