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Which Democrat campaign promises do you think will take priority?

As with every (likely) incoming administration, Biden/Harris have a long "To Do" list of new policy initiatives and roll-backs of the previous administration's executive orders.

Which actions do you think the new administration will focus on?

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Admin 8 Nov 12
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To know EXACTLY what the Biden-Harris team will do, all one has to do is read the agendas set forth by the World Economic Forum. This includes rejoining the Paris Agreement, destroying Capitalism, adopting Socialism world-wide, implementing ID2020, and supplementing minorities incomes with government funding, Healthcare etc, until they feel that all non-working minorities are equal to those who actually work for a living.

They do take their cues from United Nations New World Governmental Advisory Commission


@Admin I disagree with your description of the Paris Climate Accord as an “international pledge to reduce emissions.” It’s not.

The Accord asks developed countries to curb emissions, but asks virtually nothing of most other nations — notably India, Brazil and ridiculously, China. The west would have to slow its economy to meet emissions targets, in effect, transferring industry to developing countries free from Accord regulations. If that’s not enough, Paris would also require western nations to contribute billions in cash to the developing world.

Why should the west subsidize China, the world’s second largest economy? The US gets no credit for achieving better results on emissions than most of the countries who’ve signed the Accord.

The Deal should be more accurately named the Paris Accord on Wealth Redistribution. Donald Trump was completely right in withdrawing the US from the Accord, and it’s a shame Joe Biden says rejoining the deal is one his top priorities.

GeeMac Level 8 Nov 12, 2020

I am, among other things, a published climate scientist who does not follow the conventional wisdom on these things. Take, for a moment, it as a truth that climate change is the huge threat they claim it to be, and that CO2 just not only stop rising, but also start to decline in the next ten years or so.

If a person believes that, ask them if it's worth declaring war on China and India to stop them from building coal powerplants? Because nothing we can do here in the west will have that effect, and they won't stop unless you use force to stop them. Still worth it?

@Augur2748 Here’s a point to consider. Canada has massive reserves of cleaner burning natural gas, which the Chinese are willing to buy, and which could displace dirtier coal-fired power. This natural gas could have a massive impact on reducing emissions.

Yet, woke-progressives have all but halted pipeline construction in Canada, and are blocking natural gas exports. Ridiculous. The woke left is actually working against reducing emissions from Asia while saying the complete opposite.

@GeeMac No surprise, really. They're not thinking quantitatively, but rather, emotionally. At their emotional level, all fossil fuels are bad. And non-quantitatively, they don't realize the other countries will just keep burning coal if they can't get access to cleaner gas.

The plot shows for each country:
Total carbon emissions

China is the villain. To tackle carbon, only China matters.


@Admin I disagree with the idea of a “bias” against immigration from “primarily Muslim countries”. The idea of a Trump “Muslim ban” is a hoax that has been continually repeated by the news media.

Yes, Trump did restrict travel from Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Syria, Libya, Somalia, and Yemen, as one of his first acts as President.

What the news media never reports is that these countries were first identified in 2011, five years before Trump’s election, by the Obama administration. Homeland Security flagged these states these prior to the Trump administration because they were state sponsors of terrorism, or terrorist safe havens, not because they were Muslim. Indeed, the vast majority of Muslims do t live in these countries and were never impacted by the order.

This was one of the many hoaxes that seem to circulate, unchallenged, and are often repeated.

GeeMac Level 8 Nov 12, 2020

Trump himself called it a "Muslim ban" - take it up with him.

@JacksonNought I don’t give a crap if Allah himself descended on his white stallion and declared it a Muslim ban — it isn’t, and as usual, this dismissive comment completely ignores the point.


They'll probably do that crap with helping non-citizens and try to pass the Green New Deal. Something you forgot, gun control legislation, I'm sure they will attempt some sort of ban(s). Of course, as long as the GOP controls the Senate, the Dems might not get their way too easily. Time will tell for sure.

Yep, I expect a 2A battle. I think the Green New Deal is dead for a while, if not for good. There's just no way to pay for it. I also agree that helping non-citizens will be high on the list...the more people they bring in and spoil, the more votes they secure. And if there is one thing I'm convinced of, it's that votes matter more than anything to Democrats, any way they can get them.

@coalburned They don't need to take the guns if YOU can NOT get AMMO!!!!

@Serg97 Good point. Been stocking up myself.

@SpikeTalon After years, my wife no longer asks, "what are you going to do with that"!!!!


THEY will shut down the whole country in the name of the "KUNG-FLU"!!!!
Why do you think there is such an increase in "KUNG-FLU" cases????
Once THEY forbid us to get together, it will be a lot easier for THEM to control the message!!!
Then THEY can do everything on the list!!!
Keep in mind, that with the "KUNG-FLU" running rampant, YOU CAN NOT even get out of this country!!!

Serg97 Level 8 Nov 12, 2020

I don’t know if you’d call it a vocalized “promise” ...

I bet the FIRST ONE would be to DESTROY THE EVIDENCE ... ANY and ALL EVIDENCE showing the Demicrats in a Bad Light.


Since they need all the votes they can get, importing them seems the best and easiest way yo go about it.

It is even cheaper to fabricate a vote than to import a voter!!!!!


Revenge. That's the first thing they'll do before they turn on each other and fight it out for dominance.

Tom81 Level 8 Nov 13, 2020

It's a laundry list of nightmares


FIRST OFF - They can hoist the Hammer and Sickle............. Russia is still their first love even after all the Trump collusion ruse.


@Admin I think you forgot one more selection, and that is to "Change the U.S. Constitution".


Put lgbtxyz in all government positions.

What's wrong with having representation?


So that looks like a white flag!
It’s not over so let’s not use the leftist concept of “president elect”!till is officially okayed.
It should be illegal to use this term, only the electors should make this call!

Rick-A Level 8 Nov 12, 2020

That's why I put "likely"... agree that votes should be validated first.


Our ruling elites have more in common and have a greater sense of co-citizenship with the ruling elites of other countries than they do with the majority of our own citizens, so of course they will favor the internationalist agenda at our expense.


The Paris accord is and anti-white accord. Whitie must pay for the pollution he causes....When you fly to Asia you can see the blue 2 stroke (worn out) motorcycle smoke hundreds of miles before you get there.


Depends on the Senate beyond the obvious things that can be done by executive order.

Great Britain should be a warning to anyone who wants public health care. Germany and France maintained private health care to a large degree and are doing better. Medicare for all would be such a fiasco the Democrats would be thrown out of office. To make public health care work would take decades to transition into because the pool of medical professionals would evaporate unless a couple of new generations willing to accept lower pay are trained. Even in Britain the supply of imported doctors is running thin.

Every Democratic ran city in the U.S. is bankrupt. The State of California went from having the best or nearly the best primary education, best highways, best planned water system, best energy security, low poverty etc. to near the bottom among U.S. States. The evidence is overwhelming that the Democrats are incompetent. As soon as the inherited wealth of previous generations runs out it will be obvious just how incompetent.

wolfhnd Level 8 Nov 12, 2020

One does not need to put up any conflicting data..... or mis-attribute data of any kind.
All data irrespective, is in itself up for interpretation. As well you know and would/must appreciate.

Blind Freddie can see through crap, and crap makes up most of the data you have supplied as reference material. More specifically press released philosophic nonsense containing mixed truth and bias that proves the data contains the rhetoric and diatribe that somehow you believe is only attributable to others.

So where does that leave Joe Blow Citizen....
Doing the best they can with the information garnered from the reality that surrounds them. A reality that is either under their noses, or missing from their plate.

When the votes get counted honestly... I have the utmost faith in American people that only then will humanity and truth prevail.
And Trump will be back to finish the draining of that swamp.... we would all like to see that


Why do you ask ?

Bart Simpson is still suing over the re-count.

He can not count this high on his own.


I expect the swine to implement more legal drug policy. Why is it the right never talks about this...very strange.
They have killed millions for decades and the right never wimpers a peep. The liberal spawned illegal drug trade could be the equivalent of the racism dog. But, no, we will stand around with our digit up our butt and let the left swine take the moral high ground.


I expect Biden to be Obama 2.0 for a while. He'll reverse a few things that won't get him or the Dems in too much hot water. Gotta remember...some things can hurt people on both sides, and he can't unite the country by stirring up trouble. 2A rights might be the first major battle. After that, I don't look for anything major until Harris is at the helm.


All of the above

Wolak Level 5 Nov 14, 2020

Full on regime change War in Syria within 1 year... In order to facilitate the take over of natural gas wells and pipeline distribution throughout Europe.

RobD1 Level 7 Nov 13, 2020
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