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Why are rich elites giving millions to the Biden campaign?

Recently it was announced that Biden raised $364 MILLION in August breaking records. If it is true that Biden represents a "Trojan Horse" for the far-left Socialist polices of Bernie Sanders and AOC, wouldn't it be in the rich elites best interest to give to Trump? What's going on here? How would you convince a rich potential Democratic donor to stop? I'm literally asking for a friend so please take it seriously 🙂

Admin 8 Sep 2
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Trump is trying to do things that are not good for the Banksters and Globalists. Trade with China is just one example. They make a lot of money on speculation, currency and derivative manipulation. They make less on home grown productivity. Take a look at how Mitt Romney made his money to get an idea why they don't so much care if the U.S. is producing anything of intrinsic value. The green new deal is also an opportunity for a few people get very rich while average people and the economy gets hammered. Then there is wall street where it's stock movements not prices that make the speculators rich.


Biden is far more easy to manipulate than Trump, a useful puppet so to speak...

Sure, you mean more swamp friendly?

@Admin You could put it that way, yes.



This has absolutely NOTHING to do with political affiliation, or so called social justice! Remember the words of the wise man: "FOLLOW THE MONEY"!

Please, ask your friend to look at these links. They are an examination of one particular billionaire who has shown a decades long pattern of harvesting immense profits from the cultural/financial/sovereign destruction of multiple nations. His attention is now focused upon the West, particularly the United States. This may help provide an answer to "Why are rich elites giving millions to the Biden campaign?’

In 2020:
"Billionaire George Soros Gives Whopping $50M to Help Biden and Other Dems Win US Elections"


"George Soros’s Foundation Pours $220 Million Into Racial Equality Push
Mr. Soros’s group will invest $150 million in grants for Black-led racial justice groups, and another $70 million toward local grants for criminal justice reform and civic engagement opportunities."


"Though he is 89 years old, George Soros — through his Open Society Foundations, to which he’s donated more than $32 billion — continues to foment turmoil, unrest and mischief across the world.

In the United States, Soros has/had his hand in the Antifa, the Ferguson race riots, the “caravans” of Central American “migrants,” and the “whistleblower” who ignited the Demonrats’ current efforts to impeach President Trump. In Europe, Soros is behind the flood of “refugees” and “migrants,” Ukraine, “climate change” activist Great Thunberg, and the Brexit chaos."

"Some countries, however, have taken steps to expel and ban Soros, his operatives, and his Open Society. In chronological order, the six countries are:



Please, ask your friend to watch the short, 10 minute, video embedded in the last link

Soros is, but one of the circling sharks. For the well positioned, unscrupulous, billionaires, there is untold billions, perhaps trillions, to be made from the chaos of defenceless, shattered, nations! To such pirates, the USA is just another merchant ship to be plundered and scuttled...


Only in America could social democracy be called far-left.

Socially responsible capitalism works for everybody. "Social democracy" evolves into totalitarianism, and is an oxymoron.

@pbuck0145 If socially responsible capitalism existed, the profits would trickle down to everyone contributing to the turnover. Of course, this doesn't happen because capitalism is not a public service so social democracy serves to redress the balance. The idea that it necessarily evolves into totalitarianism is nonsense.

I believe I used "far-left" to describe Sander's and AOC's policies.

in East Germany being called a Democratic Socialists would keep you from getting shot but it was nothing to be proud of.

@Admin You did but I understand Sanders' and AOC's economic approach as social democracy.

Don’t be ridiculous.

American has practiced social democracy, to varying degrees, for years, and like all western liberal democracies, funds its welfare sector through tax revenue generated by a robust free market.

What is being proposed by the Sanders and the Squad is not about helping those in need, as American taxpayers always have, it’s about seizing power and dismantling the infrastructure of a country they hold in deep contempt.

@GeeMac What you describe as social democracy is socially responsible capitalist democracy.

Only in America could the far-left be called social democracy.

@pbuck0145 There are a hundred different names for the welfare state. The lie is that both the right and the left denies it exits. Liberal democracies have always taken care of those in need, and many able bodied not in need who feed off the system anyway. It’s always funded by the tax dollars from the free market - I avoid the saying “capitalism” since it pushes buttons and the point is automatically lost.

And that point is, Bernie and the Squad are full of shit when they they claim America doesn’t care of people. Because what the left truly seeks isn’t to take care of anyone but themselves.

You are confusing social democracy with democratic socialism... they are NOT the same.
Social democracy = Scandinavia... capitalist economy with strong social support
Democratic socialism = communism lite

@Lightman Social democracy is a policy that balances capitalism and social welfare. I think the far-left are after something much more extreme.

@brentan that they are...seems they want what China has...


The Democratic Party is the party of Wall Street elites. They love crony capitalists, and their love is returned wholeheartedly.

Real genius is rare, how many Steve Jobs or Elon Musks are there in a generation? People of lesser talent, however, can make money by insider deals. Cozy deals with the government make them possible.

Wall Street hoes also have massive amounts of money tied to the PRC takeover of the U.S. and all the other countries actively engaged in their Belt and Road Initiative.


Couple things.
...the horse races are more profitable when there is more money on the table.
...the money comes right back when the campaign spends it at your table


i bet if you looked at the numbers, those donations end up right back into the companies, that donors own, right in time for quarterly reports in october, without the money ever really being missed since it back before the reporting is filed.

ponzi scheme



If we follow the money on the two front runners, we see that Biden is receiving significantly more from "Finance, Insurance and Real Estate," "Communications/Electronics," "Lawyers and Lobbyists," and "Health." Trump is showing a small advantages in "Construction."



Biden is a friend of China. His election would return us to the previous relationship we had with China where banks, financial institutions, and electronic companies have done very well. Trump has implemented policies that have destabilized our market with China.

Reestablishing our previous relationship with China is short sighted. We are in a cold war with China. China is not a good actor on the world stage. China did absorb the free people of Hong Kong and clearly has aims against other free people. They are abusive to their own people. They do not respect intellectual property, a key towards our advancing civilization. Trade with China represents a quick buck today at a much higher cost in the future.


It's simple, the global elitists are power hungry, feckless, souless, greedy, vampiric Judahs who see the majority of humanity as cattle to be bought and sold: Whereas, Trump is nonconforming, (the essence of American exceptionalism), loves this nation warts and all, captures even the admiration and loyalty of many who do not fully approve of him, has all the money and fame he could ever need, isnt in anyones pocket, is not an apologist, calls bullshit as he sees it, IS not a racist elitist, is smart, perseptive, has had a good productive life, relates to people, i.e. especially the deplorable, dirty, unwashed, silent masses. They hate him for all of these things and more. They will never get behind him, these vile swamp creatures, because they secretly want to be him.

I agree with your statement whole-heartedly EXCEPT "because they secretly want to be him". The DO NOT envy him in the slightest. He has single-handedly thrown the entire US supply of wrenches into their sources of money and power. He's temporarily stopped their coveted gravy trains and for this he must go, by ANY means necessary.


“If it is true that Biden represents a "Trojan Horse" for the far-left Socialist polices of Bernie Sanders and AOC...”

Who on earth thinks that? Bernie didn’t need a Trojan Horse. All he needed was for the DNC to get out of the way and let the voters decide. But Obama, Biden, Clinton, and the Democratic establishment fought him tooth and nail. They’re not about to turn around and give it all back to him. Their mission is to preserve the status quo while making nice liberal noises to appease the comfortable left. Maybe some rich elites like their corporate capitalism just the way it is, and aren’t interested in gambling on full-blown fascism.

I guess this guy 😉. If Biden wins, do you think the Democrats will go back to Obama/Biden "normal" or Sanders/Warren/AOC/etc?

If by Democrats you mean politicians... A lot closer to O/B normal than Sanders. And any concession in the Sanders direction will be the least required to pacify that segment of the base.
If you mean voters, it would never have been Biden to start with.

I’m not aware of a grain of evidence that supports that T.Horse idea. That’s just some cartoonist’s paranoia.


DNC proudly admitted in court they had cheated Sanders out of the nomination. If they had wanted Bernie, they had their opportunity, but their clear preference was O/B normal.


@Admin NORMAL?????

Yesterday I had two (or three) replies here that are missing today. Were they removed for some reason, or should I just repost them?

If by “Democrats” you mean politicians, then probably more O/B normal than Sanders. If it had been left up to the voters, my guess is Biden would not have gotten the nomination to start with.

I’m not aware of a grain of evidence that supports that TrojanHorse idea. That’s just some cartoonist’s paranoia.

DNC proudly admitted in court they had cheated Sanders out of the nomination. If they had wanted Bernie, they had their opportunity, but their clear preference was O/B normal.




Go to then hit "Donate"..... hahaha all funds go to the DNC through ActBlue Charities. The Dems suddenly started getting massive donations after George Floyd was "murdered" and Black Lives Matter dominated the scene. I think news reports said in June DNC donations were their highest ever, and every month since then their donations keep climbing.... all courtesy of BLM


any American person who would actually vote for Biden is obviously a foolish sucker who hasn't paid any attention whatsoever, or they will gain some kind of pay off, or they are pedophiles. Any American who does not realize how his royal Bidenness is a child lover (sick sick twisted little mind) has had their head in a litle box covered with dirt. NOTHING is more obvious than Biden's "taste" for innocent little children. The people of the UShave enough serious problems to contend with or work through, but if that creature holds any office the American children are in serious trouble. Child sexual abuse and human trafficking is bad enough now, it'll get worse if that warped miniature mind gets any position of influence. Protect the children!!!


its being back funneled from BLM

RobD1 Level 7 Sep 2, 2020

Do you think BLM "is" the Democratic party or running cover for them?


The answer is simple . There are factions within the global elite . Just as pirates were mercenaries for kings in their conflicts , so are the modern corporate captains of commerce .


They are Progressives that is the problem... they would rather hold hands and sing Kum Bey Ya than have a Defence Force. They seek to change society by bringing in same sex marriage and the idea of sexual fluidity. They believe man not nature is the driving force behind climate change. etc, etc, etc...


It is insurance..regardless of the outcome it will pay off.

athro Level 7 Sep 2, 2020

They are not giving! They are purchasing, purchasing influence, purchasing a seat at the table in the oval office. The candidates are not seeking office to serve the American people, their supposed constituents, but to serve the buyers of them. I am really surprised at the question being asked in the first place. No one absolutely no one gives to politicians; they are buying them, purchasing stock in them; it is an investment.


what exactly are campaign funds going towards, isn't reaching people faster and cheaper than ever in the age of social media..?


Well, the rich guys are certainly buying some investments for return, with Democratic Party soon becomes Progressive Party, let’s pray they are not buying their own graves!


You're on to something...


When the Communists take over the rich are paying to not be the ones against the wall.


I think you will find that many Capitalist countries do have good welfare systems, better than the US even.

Do they have similar percentages of people who need help as the US? The US has 40% of the population with very high rates of welfare needs vs 60% who pay the vast amount of taxes. FWIW, I do support at least a starter-version of universal health care that addresses basic health needs... with the intention of ramping it up over a decade or so to rates similar to other similarly situated countries.

@Admin I think you will need to be more specific re welfare payments those percenatges are kinda vague.


Trump shot himself in the foot when he declared war against American billionaires.

" Think about it "...


Bidens $364 million is a lot. A comparison is needed for context.


Croneys make money on strong centrally controlled government.

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