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What views can get someone kicked off Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc?

As the attack on free speech escalates, many taboo topics and opinions are no longer being allowed on the major social networks.

As an independent, non-profit free speech website, our mission is to support all view points so long as they are presented with civility and truth. However, we also want to be proactive in setting the guidelines on how such topics should be discussed. To that end, this post is to help us get a list of controversial, social-media-ban-able topics so that we can better understand the scope of the challenge.

To be clear, some of the things that can get you kicked off social media sites can get you blocked here - namely ad hominids (personal attacks/slurs) and general derogatory statements of a group ("all blonds are dumb" ). Those types of things are unproductive in changing minds and reflect poorly on our community.

In as far as you know, please let us know the specifics on what people are getting banned off social media. Thanks!

Admin 8 June 18
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So Who's accountable for this.....why it's "We the People" willfully steeped in unimaginable ignorance, wrapped in faux nationalism and silent acceptance and largely tempered by an apathetic disregard for knowledge, virtue and humanity

We have moved beyond the era of government directly inherent in the people and entered a new age.

We live in the weird post-industrial post-modern post-gender post-truth neoliberal matrix, where facts no longer matter, history and even biology are re-written to suit social engineering agenda of psychos in charge of this world's money and power

We are no longer the constitutional republic promised in our constitution.

Article IV Section 4 of the Constitution states: "The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion . . . Many people are under the false impression our form of government is a democracy, or representative democracy. This is of course completely untrue. The Founders were extremely knowledgeable about the issue of democracy and feared a democracy as much as a monarchy. They understood that the only entity that can take away the people's freedom is their own government, either by being too weak to protect them from external threats or by becoming too powerful and taking over every aspect of life.

They knew very well the meaning of the word "democracy", and the history of democracies; and they were deliberately doing everything in their power to prevent having a democracy.

In a Republic, the sovereignty resides with the people themselves. In a Republic, one may act on his own or through his representatives when he chooses to solve a problem. The people have no obligation to the government; instead, the government is a servant of the people, and obliged to its owner, We the People. Many politicians have lost sight of that fact.

The goal of a Constitutional Republic was to avoid the dangerous extreme of either tyranny or mobocracy but what exists in America today is a far cry from the Constitutional Republic our forefathers brought forth.

You know can call it the age of authoritarianism. Or fascism. Or oligarchy. Or the American police state.

Whatever label you want to put on it, the end result is the same: tyranny.

As a result, Welcome to 3rd century Rome part deux ....

From the early Middle Ages until just a few decades ago, every educated person had to study the history of Greece and Rome. There's a reason for that, and there's a reason why it's a shame we no longer do so.

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I urge you to educate yourself. If you have access to a computer you need to read what your own government has posted on their official websites such as the Whitehouse dot gov, SPP Dot gov, State Dot gov and Canada.USembassy Dot gov. You will be aghast at the nearly complete destruction of our sovereignty, Bill of Rights, Constitution, laws, Republic, and freedoms they have ALREADY achieved. This heinous ongoing treason has been engineered by an entrenched cabal of legislators, courts, military brass, and government employees in this and prior administrations. The tyranny is being facilitated by hundreds of people embedded at all levels of the executive branch and Congress constituting a so called 'Shadow Government' who are working in concert to dismantle this country in plain sight. Their agenda was engineered by the Council on Foreign Relations(CFR) and kept secret by a deliberately silent media who work in collaboration by treating the America people like mushrooms. We are kept in the dark and fed you know what . . . Mislead by their propaganda.

I don't know why I bother to keep on repeating what has taken place in the so called most free nation in the world or so the people are lead to believe. This disgrace should never have been aloud to happen. The first 10 Amendments should have been activated when 80 people were murdered, the talking is over for those men who gave there lives to grant the people a form of control would be ashamed of us and what we have become. Your oppressors aren't your worst enemy, your apathy and cowardice are.

One of our biggest problems today is that we often focus on tearing down our history rather than learning from it. That needs to change.

Yet you insist “they” are the problem........

The cycle can only be broken by a thorough democratization of the economy and by American citizens waking up from propaganda myths about the supposed virtues of US militarism and the supposed evil of foreign enemies. Peace is, in other words, knowable.

One of the many interesting details to be learned by understanding human psychology is how a person's unconscious fear works in a myriad of ways to make them believe that they bear no responsibility for a particular problem.

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We are all complicit

The media talking heads are in on it but not at the top levels. They enjoy their fat salaries, being with the "In Crowd" movers and shakers (CFR membership, politicians business big wigs etc) the personal glory and fame.

In a way we are all complicit because many of us know better; we know the truth but do nothing to expose the lies, stop the wars, halt the ecocide (terraforming) and the accelerated enslavement of humanity by psychopaths.

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Fear of 1%'s persecution, ostracism and demonization is self-defeating. The ruling elite plan to kill billions of us anyway, their goal is to alter human DNA and the natural ecosystem/order. So remaining silent and doing nothing to wake and warn the people is not going to ensure your survive! Not wanting to get into arguments with reactionary friends and ignorant family members is not going to slow or derail the fascist agenda.

Just in case your confused....we are NOT a democracy

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When the effects of either your electronic gadgets, alcohol, cigarettes, 24/7 sports and news gossip, and of course opioids, wears off a bit, maybe then you working stiffs will see more clearly. The clock is ticking towards the end of this empire… morally, financially and physically. Those who rule always need the co dependence of their serfs. Stop trying to placate Washington and start preparing to defend your nation.

The sociopaths are the ones who remain silent.....

Wake Up! Voting in U.S. elections is an act of violence.

Now you may choose to look the other way....but you can never say again that you didn't know.....

kyaiyo Level 5 July 1, 2020

when your govern makes a declaration that wearing mask will be mandatory and you ask if anyone knows where you can find a Tar Baby mask your comment will be deleted but not before it got 5 likes

KeVince Level 8 June 24, 2020

The quickest way to get banned and placed on a plethora of "lists" to question ISRAEL!!! The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation uses algorithms that look for the word "Israel" and blocks comments from being posted if the word is found in the comment. Re-posting will get your account banned! Please let me type the forbidden word. Israel Israel Israel Israel Israel Israel Israel Israel Israel Israel Israel Israel . That felt good!


The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) constantly bans accounts for deviating from the narrative on their comment board. CBC is a publicly-funded institution that uses Canadian's tax dollars against the people funding them. CBC is known around the world for their radical leftist views and intolerance to all things on the right


Arguing that 5G has potential to be used as a weapon to target individuals.

TychoB Level 2 June 19, 2020

Well look at Jaclyn Glenn. She wasn't kicked off YouTube, but she's had videos taken down just for criticizing Kenneth Copeland's batshit crazy video where he "blew away" COVID with the power of his god. And yet Copeland's video is still up. You also see other prominent atheist or liberal YouTubers getting demonetized for calling out hateful speech from others, like some of the prominent Bible thumping Christian YouTubers, but those Christians have no issues. There is a lot of censorship when it comes to non-Judeo-Christian thinking.

And as far as Twitter goes, Corey Feldman posted on Twitter a call for people to go burn down the HQ of The Satanic Temple, and when the co-founder/spokesperson called him out for it, he was temporarily banned from Twitter instead of Feldman.


i deleted a bunch of Trudeau's photos and they kicked me off for two days. i also said some things not so flattering about Muslums and i got kicked off for a few days.


Why do you care what view can get you ousted from kike-owned social media ? Look up and study the October will see that kikes have ALWAYS from time immemorial (recorded even back to Roman scrolls) instigated their host populations to violence through bonding to those upon whom "fortune smiles in the moment" (a direct quote from the Babylonian Talmud) Just speak your mind, assuming you even have one


It can happen to lesser degree on SLUG as well. I have just been blocked from a Biblical Christan group after posting a video by a professor of linguistics about the problems interpreting one language to another. The text he used as a major illustration was a line from Genesis where he shows that the original text does not exactly correspond with traditional translations. This is hardly news as Biblical Scholars/translators have known this for decades if not centuries.

The thing is the group has, I believe, a single moderator, and is able to block anyone he wishes withou, (as far as I can discover), scrutiny or appeal. A flaw in the way SLUG is set up?

The moderator concerned said I was blocked for posting a video on "Kaballah claptrap", which was unacceptable in a Biblical Christian group.

Although one may appreciate a linguistic translation of a text one must not confuse literal translation with context or nuanced belief. The professor may have given a grammatical language translation but that does by mean they didn't miss the context or nuance of what they interpreted.. Please share how you shared this with the group that blocked you. Were you seeking to understand
or refute their beliefs?

@dd54 I understand most of their beliefs as I was brought up a Christian and I certainly did not want to rubbish their beliefs or actively convert them to anything else. I will admit though I can be a bit of a smartarse and like challenging people in effort to get them to think .

@Thasaidon I hear you and I applaud you trying but some tasks we're not all suited to. Would you please share who the group was and what said that resulted in the backlash? I'll see if they're are any troops available and if not move on.

Yeah, moderators for specific groups can ban people for whatever reason. I was banned from the Culture War group because I posted something critical of Trump.

@JacksonNought I reported it to Adnin and through the "Contact Us" route. Not heatd anything back yet. Did you try this? If so did they repond.

@Thasaidon I did not. I figured the person created the group, so they could choose who to be in it. It wasn't one of the Slug created groups.

@JacksonNought Thanks for the answer. I am a bit more of a stirrer than you. As a Lovecraft fan I like the photo you are using.

You can just create your own that is more open, and so naturally a more open and curious to learn will end up with more people and more discussions than a closed that is led by someone who is easily threatened. I haven’t created a but I’ve used the slug features to block some other slug users, not to create an echo chamber where I only see things I like, but to ignore people that I think are only here to be smug and argumentative, in a “I am better than you” sort of way. The trolls who don’t pretend to be superior, are less annoying to me personally than people who come in with their “I have a degree so I’m right” attitude. Before blocking, I look at their others posts and search for a reason to look forward to anything they might say in the future and if I can’t look forward to what they may say, then I block. I’m sure I’ll grace many block lists during my time here. Hell, this very reply might ruffle some feathers and get me blocked.


They often avoid telling people what exactly justified the decision to suspend or ban them. I am not sure if this is because they are afraid of legal consequences or they just want to keep their "enemies" in a state of confusion and anxiety.

Both but llegally one imust be aware of and informed of their legal rights. The less the far left wants to engage. They ate looking for low lying fruit


As far as speech goes, I’m quite sure we all will recognize the classic hate speech and racist words at ease but as far as the policing of language becoming too politically correct, I’m against that. I have always said the lies of cowards and politicians are couched in the words if political correctness. For example JK Rowling is taking heat for saying trans women don’t menstruate. She also defended someone who lost their job for a similar post. In fact, my trans Sister doesn’t menstruate, so she is being punished for a truism (JK Rowling). None the less, as I am old and we all as kids used crude racial slurs and derogatory words. We learned through debate and discussion what was wrong about these things. We adapted and became more sympathetic and understanding. If political correctness and all that dogma shits down discussion then we are lost to discovery and learning. Only in this new age, we shut down discussion, call people racist when they don’t requote the ever changing dogma of the day. This weakens the meaning of words like racist and it retards the growth of society towards a better human condition. Perhaps, restricting a bad post to only high level members for review or discussion before deleting an account would be a method of handling language or ideas that are hateful or racist. I don’t know how doable that is. I’m sure if it stayed up long enough, people would make comments calling out the person. If they didn’t correct the offence then they would get flagged. I’m sure if there were an upsurge in flags on a post, it would indicate admin has the next move.


I troll FakeBook regularly looking for disgruntled FBers and turn them into IDW members.


Does it matter in some sense as most people are not on social media, which in effect is anti-social.
If 700 armed citizens really did turn up in that small Canadian town where vile Antifa was, it shows that sm is not even needed except for rhetoric and to pass the time.


Anything that moves the ball down the field for white people is taboo to some degree.

The Enemy understands that this is a war, as time goes by, more of us do to. Faster, please.


You are at risk of being banned from Facebook if you post the identitarian logo or pictures of Martin Sellner, or even articles about him.


I think if someone simply reports you or complains, you will get put in FB jail. I shared a 9/11 video and someone reported it disturbing... 24 Hr jail time and the video was completely removed. I‘ve had a few warnings from fact checkers and they just covered the post with “False Information” . How can an actual video be false? Who are you going to believe, your liberal fact checker or your lying eyes. 🙄Geeeez. Now, I have hit below the belt a few times , for example; calling BlacksLooters&Murderers and Antifa scum of the earth and heard nothing.
I think someone has to complain or draw their attention to it. Commoners aren’t watched as close as celebrities. In DJT’s case, they must have a dozen liberals scrutinizing him, 24/7.

FEWI Level 7 June 18, 2020
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