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What views can get someone kicked off Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc?

As the attack on free speech escalates, many taboo topics and opinions are no longer being allowed on the major social networks.

As an independent, non-profit free speech website, our mission is to support all view points so long as they are presented with civility and truth. However, we also want to be proactive in setting the guidelines on how such topics should be discussed. To that end, this post is to help us get a list of controversial, social-media-ban-able topics so that we can better understand the scope of the challenge.

To be clear, some of the things that can get you kicked off social media sites can get you blocked here - namely ad hominids (personal attacks/slurs) and general derogatory statements of a group ("all blonds are dumb" ). Those types of things are unproductive in changing minds and reflect poorly on our community.

In as far as you know, please let us know the specifics on what people are getting banned off social media. Thanks!

Admin 8 June 18
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As Ann Coulter demonstrates, hate speech now includes telling the truth about the leftist agenda and quoting past comments of their favored politicians at odds with current orthodoxy.

A better question: have any groups or opinions from the left faced exile? Demonetizing? Are Antifa and BLM still running free on Twitter? While Donald is censored?

Telling the truth about the “pandemic,” if it contradicts the 100% wrong about everything Dr. Fauci will get your post pulled for spreading harmful disinformation.

Ask this question again when the political weaponizing has been neutralized. Or ask a different question.

Here’s something that’ll get you banned:


Edgework Level 8 June 18, 2020

It's not so much about what's said on social media, as it is 'who' says it, and what affiliation they have

Lt-JW Level 7 June 18, 2020

Questioning Jews, and using words like "libtard" I know have gotten people banned from sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

Banned for LibTard?



  1. a pejorative term utilized by conservatives and some Republicans to insult Liberals specifically and Democrats in general. The term is portmanteau of 'liberal' and 'retard', suggesting that being a liberal is a mental deficit. The opposite of a libtard is a 'Retardlican' or simply, a Trump supporter.
    Libtards tend to espouse useless concepts like equal rights for all, a social welfare net for all citizens, and not electing a reality tv personality to the presidency, or an accused rapist to the nation's highest court.

  2. Anyone who uses facts to dispute conservative opinion.

  3. Anyone who disagrees with a conservative at any time or for any reason.
    That libtard kept using facts to disprove my deeply-held and unsubstantiated opinions
    by 0Misterman October 11, 2018

@WayneHawthorne Yup, I've known some who were banned from sites for using such words.

"Retardlican" - I haven't heard that one before. Not a big fan, as it assumes political party and not just ideology. Maybe "contard" would be better?

@JacksonNought I don't care for any of them, and haven't used either word on IDW.

@SpikeTalon agreed.


I was banned for posting that homosexuality was a perversion. On my own timeline, by the way not as a response to someone else's post. One of the few things in my life I am proud of; being banned from Facebook. Not much of an accomplishment really, but then it is really very hard to be accomplished in a society like America has become.

That would definitely do it! I’m afraid, anything short of complete surrender to the light devouring singularity of moral relativism is a death sentence on corporate social media. Wear it as a badge of honour, my brother!

I am gay and an emotional one at that, who believes in intimate passion love between compatible souls. That being said, not even me could be so stupid as to deny that you are totally right. We are totally perverted. Uff, you've no idea... You would be too if you weren't emancipated by women tho. Plus, it's not all that we are. Some of us understand the importance of principles, can tell between saying "I'm sorry" and "I apologize", would give up sex to keep a single person to make love to forever... And not to blame anybody, but... most -MOST- of us don't get any guidance from our parents, so we become lost and have to try out every possible route in life in order to find our way. And most of us are never able to. We are shit, but I would argue it's not all our fault only, you know?

Well, this site is a pretty acceptable facebook replacement. I guess.

You can create your own groups easily and also moderate them.

"curvycom" Group for example


Okay, I have made very clear I LOVE this site, but this is definitely heading the wrong, wrong way. Please let it well enough alone. We are all wrong and we all need adversity in order to grow and become mature people. Examples:

I may say Hitler was not a bad guy. Would you ban me for that? I would argue Hitler was nothing more than an expert orator who mirrored the subconscious of people as he responded to their non-verbal cues. There is harm in pointing to Hitler as the cause of WWII: that takes the guilt away from the ones who ACTUALLY did the killing and all the damage--the people around him. What's wrong with that? That we are not learning the lesson that is not the invitation, but the mob which brings hell upon Earth in the end. That's a POWERFUL lesson.

I may say all Mexicans are retards. Would you ban me for that? I am Mexican and I live online because I cannot stand at all Mexican people. I find then weak, lazy, incapable of make an effort to put two and two together and when they do, they forget it faster than how bad the last president screwed us over. If we weren't retards, we would be part of the first world. So... I live it everyday. It is true. Yet it is offensive. Would you ban me for it?

If I say: we should kill off all chumbawambas, would you ban me for that? What if the chumbawambas are out to get us? I mean, the people from Salem went after the "witches", Nazis went after Jews, the KKK went after blacks, dinosaurs went after humans... You know, in Jurassic Park. Would you ban me for advocating for self-deffense?

I could say: let's murder all fags. They are weak and are no threath to anybody. But I may hate them and want them dead. Would you ban me for that? If you treat an adult like a child, he will end up acting like a child. When are people gonna be able to assume the responsibility of processing the information they read by themselves and not just follow the orders as if they had no brain? That's what made the whole hollocaust and gulags things happen. We need more critical thinking and you would be taking opportunities to practice it if you took those assholes away from us.

In the same example. Hate is a bodily function, and a reactive one at that. Whomever hates, he suffers as he feels the hate, so you would be victim blaming. The r esponsible one is the hateable who induced the feeling of hate into him. And there's only two ways to heal yourself from the illness of hate: peaceful word violence, or mere violence. Feelings are like muscles. They are meant to be hurt in order for them to grow and become stronger. Our society lacks an emotional gym nowadays, that's why it's mostly snowflakes out there.

I am fat, I am old, I am friendless, I am piss poor, I am depressed, I suffer from anxiety, I got AIDS, I can't sing to save my life, I'm antisocial, I have all sorts of traumas, I've got daddy issues, and I haven't taken a shower in over a months. I am disgusting. But being open about it keeps my psyche as healthy as possible and it makes me complete immune to criticisms since I've already made peace with all of them. O viously, I'm trying to improve myself, but it won't hurt me if you tell me something I already know. The entitled snowflakes out there don't know the pieces of shit they are. And you, me, God, him, her, them and ever zer know they are. And they o viously don't have any sort of parental figure in their lives to force them to place their feet on the ground. They won't until somebody forces them to creash against the wall of reality. I don't want any ody to surfer, but causing emotional pain to evil people would prevent us from going all Rambo on them once we finally get fed up of them building the whole country to the ground, you know?

We are made for nature, and no human being is so incredibly talented with their insult to even come close to how cruel nature can be. So every single one of us would survive words. Let's stop this hate hate nonsense. It doesn't even make sense. You can't prevent yourself from feeling hate. Only supress it inside where it grows and eventually blows up out of proportion due to negligence and that's how mass shootings happens.

I want people to insult me so I can reply rationally and calmly to them, letting them know it's childish to behave that way. We are our youths parents, let's be a big family, hurt and all. Please do not give up on free speech because the only alternative is violence.


A1fredo Level 8 June 18, 2020

Your comment brings up many of the points that we (ok, I) have to consider here. Fortunately, this website is self-funded and doesn't have any employees other than a few friends and contractors. I am a nuance person and am trying to keep the feeling of this site like a dinner party that allows for some heated statements. When guests say "fags" or "retards", it leads to a lowering of the standards of discussion... what may work in person, fails sometimes online as the context can be missed. Part of this post is to get feedback like yours so I can come up with a solution to handle complaints/etc beyond just pointing to our guidelines.

Then again, if you said "Let's murder all homosexuals" vs "Let's murder all fags", what's the differences, right? I hear you, I'm trying to figure out a balance. []

@Admin You have to recognize those words may be synonymous, yet the connotations are extremely different. And our brains subconsciously understand that. Bad words help wirh effective communication. The most common example: penis is an anatomical part of your physical body, cock is what you fuck your wife with, right?

As a gay person, for example, let me explain the nuance in your own example:

Gay: standard normie who happens to be a homosexual.
Faggot: A gay who may or may not be effeminate since it was perceived by a straight person.
Fag: A very effeminate gay man which is overly loud and an attention white
Betch: A gay man that's similar to you and is your friend.
Bitch: A gay man similar to you but that has an advantage in wooing the man you like as well.
Whore: A gay man like you, only more attractive therefore more successful in hooking up.
Trans: A formal way to refer somebody who happens to be transexual that you don't know well.
Girl: A trans who is your friend.
Queen: A trans you fear or are kicking his ass for personal gain.
Daddy: An older man you like, but not because of the .
Dad: Same but you're already in a role-playing incestual relationship with him.
Sugar Daddy: You know.
Guy: A man who you hope is gay because you would like to start a relationship with.
Hunk: A man you want him to be gay but to fuck only.
Jock: Same, but younger and somehow related to sports.
Pedo: Somebody who is dating intergenerationally, not necessarily in an illegal way if it's a person you dislike or are trying to talk shit about.
Nambla member: Refers to an actual pedo, but that means you are one as well.
Male-whore: a prostitute who does business on the streets at lower prices.
Escort: a prostitute who does the networking online.
House-boy: A closeted escort who does his networking mouth-to-mouth.

I can keep going, but you get it. That being said, it's about venting as well. If your purpose is to release the are you are currently feeling for some reason, it would be counterproductive for you to say:

"I would really side with some third party if they felt compell to cleanse our neighborhood from non-violence infractors as they may be taking opportunities away from people of color residing around the neighborhood".

That will only keep you hateful. Now, if you said:

"I can't fucking wait for the lazyass motherfucker ICE to finally get their butts here to emprison all those wetback beaners sons of bitches and kick them the hell back to Mexico".

This is better because he will feel much less hate after uttering those words and therefore, he will act more tolerant and politely in front of the actual Mexican folks.

Words that don't mean anything exist for a reason. I don't know many examples in English... Er... Sorry, I don't, but we got "pendejo", "cabron", "culero" "chingado",etc un Spanish. They do not have any other function than being peroyatives. But I would consider them more like water balloons you trow where hate is the water in the analogy. It releases the anger and if you are a mature critical-thinking person, you know he is only venting as those words don't have any meaning whatsoever.

There is a third point. About effectiveness in communication. There's only so many ways you can communicate the level of a certain emotion. For example, it's very different to say:

You are starting to come off as frustrating.

You are being frustrating now.

You are acting in a way that is making me angry.

Stop acting in such insufferable way...

There is just no way to politely convey the message:

"You are a fucking pain in the ass!"

With the correct amount of emphasis in the level of enjoying emotion you are feeling, you know what I'm saying?

And I don't know if it's happened to you, but I sometimes miss the euphemisms and keep being annoying because people are not clear on how I am affecting them. I think it is unfair for us to have to follow rules that are not explicit not written somewhere so we can abide by then, you know?

I hope I don't come off as too rude, I am just trying to defend free speech because I think it's super important... and I need a place where I can express myself freely too.... I am very emotional and it hurts to keep certain feelings inside ..

@Admin I apologize for the typos. My cell is very old and all, and I'm too anxious and don't want to lose the ideas in my mind's, so I feel the need to type quickly despise my technological limitations.

I honestly can't tell if this is playing devil's advocate, or just an excuse to try and say hateful things under the guise of "asking questions".

@A1fredo Good post - thanks!

@JacksonNought I don't see what would be the appeal of doing it just to say hateful things... Why would I? Not playing devil's advocate either. I am speaking directly from my experience. I am the kind of person who has no friends because I say things too straightforward... I realize they may make people uncomfortable, but think about this way:

You got a problem: 2 + 2 =

You know the answer is four. But if you disguise it like:

"A couple alongside a pair would make...?"

That makes it harder, and that is an extremely easy to follow example. If you take a real problem of real life with all it's extremely large number of variables, don't you think it would be so much easier if all of us spoke clearly, saying what we mean and meaning what we say?

Me, as a man with chronical depression and anxiety problems for as long as I can remember, antisocial, borderline personality disorder and no friends, let me tell you: the feelings you avoid hurting by being polite in no way justify the over complexity that brings upon every single problem around it.


I keep trying to get kicked off FB but so far I haven't got got baned, you know like "muslims are Christophobic" and "Black wives matter, stay with your girl and help raise your kid"

KeVince Level 8 June 18, 2020

"Black wives matter"! 👏😂👏🤣👏


I was repeatedly sent to my time-out corner in Facebook for providing rebuttals to anti-Trump rhetoric, as well as for posting articles that challenge global warming rhetoric. NO open minds there, nor Reddit, nor MeWe, nor Quora, nor YouTube, nor Twitter.... IDW is the only site in which I may publish articles which inform, and which often happen to be in opposition to what the general media offers.

What is IDW?

@lopperwinkie The original name for this site before they came up with SLUG.


I lost two twitter accounts before deciding to dedicate my time to IDW/Slug.
My "crime" was talking about Tommy Robinson in a positive way.
I’m pleased that this site is free enough that I was able to create the Tommy Robinson Group!

Oh well, Twitter's loss and IDW/SLUG's gain I say...

Awwww, shucks, Spike... 😊



I got doxxed and fired for a meme

Please, please, please post the meme here!

Yes can you share the meme here?

I am pro police but not pro this one

@Naomimi, @WorldSigh It’s here. Was mentioned as to be the worst meme in America at the moment.

@RubyFord , I see. A lot of people have been fired for posting much less "offensive" content recently. I just read that a MIT chaplain got fired for saying that George Floyd hadn't lived a virtuous life--we are not allowed to say anything less than glorious about our saint. I'm pro police too but this one is indeed horrible.

@Naomimi indeed it is. But it was posted in a private group that is designed for edgy memes. Not public. And I never glorified the officer in any comment

It is horrible, tasteless, and crass! It is also thought provoking, topical, and shocking as most truly hilarious stuff is... in other words, it is the perfect meme!

@WorldSigh it fit the context of the group perfectly. Someone got offended, I told her it was just a shit posting group. Still lost my excellent job over it. Total bull

What happened to you was incredibly unfair! The lunatics are definitely running the asylum!


I have not been banned from any, but I would think a threat of violence against another person would be grounds.


I’m not one bit concerned about getting kicked of Facebook. I like the memories, but they don’t have my loyalty. I have lots of friends there but some are also in my email and other places, so it wouldn’t bother me too much.

What I do get very upset about is corporations and companies firing people because they might express an opinion away from work, on social media somewhere. This, to me, is communist behavior. Completely unacceptable. And I’ve now got myself to the point I won’t shop s many places that have caved. Taking Aunt Jemima off packages, etc. giving tons of money to BLM. Allowing themselves to be extorted to expressing sentiments that I know are BS. This is just wrong. Taking down conservative voices is wrong. The left has lost its mind.

I agree wholeheartedly with this. I also have changed where I spend my . It’s disappointing to see anyone cave to sjws or the terrorist organization BLM


Equality instead of Equity

RobD1 Level 7 June 19, 2020

Things that will get you kicked off FB, Twitter, YouTube, etc:

  • anything Corona Virus
  • anything All Lives Matter
  • anything misogynistic
  • anything patriarchal
  • anything pro-Trump
  • anything pro-white
  • anything pro-hetero
  • anything pro Republican
  • anything pro-conservative
  • anything pro-life
  • anything pro-science/fact
  • anything pro-moral
  • anything pro-personal responsibility
  • anything pro-Law Enforcement/Police
  • anything pro-Christian/Christianity
  • and finally, ANYTHING PRO-AMERICA

If I missed anything, please add it to the list.

FatMike Level 5 June 19, 2020

Pro-honest examination of Islam!

@WorldSigh Apostate Prophet has got away with it so far but he is a Turkish ex muslim scholar.

@Thasaidon the pro-islam imans day is quickly appriaching its end as I and other absolutely dispise sharia law.

Anything pro Western civilization, sigh

True, the same can be said of One Godless Woman. Of course, David Wood has had lots of flak, Robert Spencer was banished, and Christian Prince, apparently, has to use multiple channels to survive.


Some of us are here to learn. I suppose some of us are here to teach or impart some knowledge. It would be a stretch to think that very many of us would be here to dis-inform, but I'm sure it happens. In an environment of teaching and learning, civility is central to success. Rudeness just impedes the flow of information. Eric Hoffer said that rudeness was the weak person's imitation of being strong. We might not have the most glowing remarks to make about something but as long as we cloak them in civility rather than rudeness we can further a discussion on almost anything. As @Admin has stated IDW/Slug advertises on sites that have been demonetized by YouTube, Facebook etc. and they/we don't want to shine a bad light on any of them. Matsuo Basho (I think) said, "Next to good manners nothing is as important as enlightenment."


There is a simple solution, do as I do, don't use Twitter or Facebook!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Serg97 Level 8 June 19, 2020

These are confusing times, because there are in fact no clear rules to ban users. Not even being hated by the ADL is decisive as we can see from the example of E. Michael Jones who was listed to be banned but maintained by Youtube. However Vdare got banned for such a reason. Recently physicians got banned for reports on Covid-19 treatment. Trunews from Rick Wiles got banned over criticism of Israel, Pewdepee got in trouble over a tiktok challenge. I guess it happens for hidden reasons to foster the interests of the global elite which owns the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Youtube which is obviously closely connected to Israel.

Corjova Level 6 June 19, 2020

It may be as simple as a response to advertisers' demands. These are all private corporations which have the obligation, first and foremost, to make . They are not designed to be free speech platforms. They are more like politicians who aren't motivated by anything but making sure they're pointed in the direction the winds are blowing on any given day.


I question, with all the excuses for banning such and such comments, how you are any different from Facebook or Twitter when you ban anyone for any speech?


I apoligize if necessary ahead of time because I'm finding the way you approached the proposition that you appeared either disengenuous or oblivious to the current state of the US socially disrupted environment. I believe you're neither, but based on your previous posts please do not attempt to encourrage debate in the way the media does by framing the proposition, as a lure, just as their masters require social media to take the middle road as the left does or when all else fails censor them by the way its put to us in a poll.. Unfortunately it came off as insulting to either side's intelligence in the current political debate. You don't need to to try to create the conversation. Allow those of us conversing to actually decide what we think and address it. Join the conversation as a participant not admin. We didn't join to be prodded in a direction or to have conversation created. Thank you

dd54 Level 8 June 19, 2020

Quite a few of mine actually😂

Long may you run, Biker Pete! 🤣

Are you brening the badass agsin biker pete?

Just being myself without filters @dd54


People are being silenced for posting almost anything that dissents from the dominant woke-progressive narrative.

I reject the progressive construct of “hate” speech. I do agree that incitement is unacceptable.

GeeMac Level 8 June 18, 2020

I second that and raise the questtion of right to literally put these anarchists down.


If it were up to me, it would be anything goes, except for threats of violence, CP, and anything else deemed illegal. I would ensure that we had robust user controls that allowed each individual to remove anything they do not want to see, or that they feel is offensive. This is the best way to protect everyone involved.

Sorry but that inutself us censorship. One must be abke to debate all comers and stand as a bulwark fir our Republic.


Positive comments about ethno-nationalism, usually in the context of a public thread where people are smearing it as inherently hateful or genocidal. Conversely, users can get away with death threats so long as they qualify the target as a "Nazi" or some other slur.


I think that banning is not necessary. I think reasonable people (from all points of view) can see when someone is JUST abusive. I've never blocked someone or booted someone on FB or Twitter. Even when we VERY STRONGLY DISAGREED. I however have been blocked on both and been FB jailed a few times. Nothing significant.

So, let the community police. But that means when someone IS abusive in some way, we as part of the community MUST address it.


'If it isn't broke, don't try to fix it'. If I see a post or comment that I find disrespectful or disturbing, I will just ignore it and move on. I feel like some people say, post or comment really mean things only because they want a reaction. If they don't get the reaction they're looking for, they'll soon find that it's hardly worth their while.

kipmax Level 7 June 18, 2020

As the wiseman said: "don’t feed the trolls"!


I have noticed a certain sensitivity on Slug, concerning perceived antisemitic speech. There are several members who seem to have an axe to grind with so called zionists. I advised one such member who was derailing a thread in the Culture War Group, to start his own thread on the JQ, if he wished to explore that subject.

In my opinion, it is far more productive to allow open discussion of the controversial. This permits others to expose logical errors and possibly change some minds. Would that topic be considered a bannable offence by @Admin? Would Count Dankula and his dog be banned for mimicking the Hitler salute?

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