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What advice would you give to people who are stressed out over the recent protests and riots?

First it was the joy of social media, then it was defriending and polarization, now it's civil unrest on a national scale. It really affects ones faith in humanity that we can sort this out in a peaceful way. Perceived threats to personal safety has put many of us on edge. What do you do or think to get the calmness needed for clarity? How to help friends and loved ones who are not handling this stress well?

Admin 8 June 3
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The most important thing that I would tell them is that they are right to be stressed. The situation is terrible. Rights don't exist without a government that is willing to use force against those who violate another person's rights. No one has a right to a stolen TV. No one has a right to block someone's car or beat on the windows. No one has a right to throw burning objects into a horse trailer. People do have a right not to be victimized by rioters and looters. People have a right to protect themselves against rioters and looters.

My advice is to buy firearms and plenty of ammunition. While taking a class in the use of a firearm won't be possible immediately, a class would be good at some point. Until then, one can try to find instructional videos online. If possible, one should seek an attorney to have ready in case one needs to use lethal force to defend against attackers.

My other advice is never to vote for a Democrat again. The Democrats are anti-American. They have advanced this agenda and promoted this ugly behavior. We have to destroy the Democrat party and drive all leftists from office and eventually out of the country. Only then can we have a decent, civilized society.

Hi, I'm in Australia, and I agree with you completely with everything you've said, good for you. I wish you well.

what would you say to a SJW or ANTIFA that says the police shouldn't kneel on peoples necks until they die?

@dd54 we all know antifa are worse than any other group, they have killed SO many and they are just allowed to continue!


That would depend on whether they are ...
holding a sign in protest (in which I’d agree and hope to work towards a solution)
Or ...
Holding a rock, brick or molotov cocktail (whereupon i’d look around carefully, a cheerfully Blow Their Head Off!!!)

@Bay0Wulf wow well said ANTIFA are so violent! I will never forgive them for shooting that Mosque, church and Synagogue.

@bastion I would say that what happened to Floyd does not justify assaulting innocent people. The truck driver just trying to deliver the fuel that keeps the country functioning did not kneel on anyone's neck. The people who attacked his truck and tried to assault him are a thousand times worse than those police officers. Nothing Floyd did was worthy of a death sentence, but he's not a martyr. He was a convicted felon who broke into a home and beat a woman. He was using fentanyl and meth. He tried to pass a counterfeit $20 bill. Those are just the things that we know so far. He wasn't a productive member of society. That people feel sympathy for him and seem to have no sympathy for the truly innocent people hurt during these protests shows that those people are trash.

I would also say that we need to have more information. Did Floyd threaten someone in the store over the counterfeit money? Four officers in two vehicles seems to be a disproportionate response to a guy quietly passing a counterfeit $20 or having his attempt to pass the bill rejected. On the other hand, if Floyd threatened the clerk over not taking counterfeit money, then that response is appropriate. If Floyd's violence or threats of violence led to his arrest, then the whole situation is not about "targeting black men." We also need to know whether he really was refusing to get into the police car to be taken for booking. The videos we have so far don't show all that was happening across the entire time period of the event. You don't get to go free from an arrest just because you pitch a fit. Antifa and the SJW trash need to be told that fact.

Here's a contrast that people need to see. The Dallas hair salon owner who tried to reopen her hair salon because she needed to feed her family was arrested. She didn't pitch a fit in the street and cause an incident. She was just trying to provide a service that people wanted and make a living providing a worthwhile service. That voluntary and positive commerce is good for a society. Being a thug taking meth and trying to pass counterfeit money is not good for society. I'm guessing that the Antifa types and the SJW types are too stupid to realize that voluntary commerce of positive goods and services is good for society while passing counterfeit money is bad for society. Most of the SJW and Antifa types seem to oppose what's good for our society and our communities and support what's bad for our society and communities. I would tell them to adjust their thinking or get out of our country.

The SJW and Antifa people are also lacking in integrity when they say that arresting that salon owner was needed to stop COVID-19 but then they support rioting because a guy who passed counterfeit money refused to be booked. If anything is going to spread COVID-19, then the rioting will. While modern media may never have the integrity to admit this, COVID-19 will go down in honest history as being just a bit worse than seasonal flu.

What many of us are seeing is that SJW and Antifa types just want to destroy the good, strong, healthy, and productive society that generations of Americans worked to build. Despite what that lying bastard Obama said, these good Americans built that. We have a right to oppose anyone who wants to destroy the good that we've built.

There is police brutality, and those who engage in police brutality should be prosecuted and sent to jail. The actual numbers show that police brutality victims are members of all racial and ethnic groups. The notion that we should riot to change things is wrong. We should be engaged in intelligent activism in our communities and nationally. Intelligent activism means writing letters, going to meetings, and being part of the sometimes dull but necessary work of maintaining a worthwhile society. Intelligent activism is not throwing bricks in the street. The SJW and Antifa types need to grow up and realize that.

We hear about black victims of police brutality because the media wants to promote that narrative. The media lies. When George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin, the media played an edited version of the 9-1-1 call where Zimmerman says "He's black." The media tried to make what they played sound as if Zimmerman was making an issue of race and volunteering that information. The truth was that Zimmerman was answering a direct question from the dispatcher about the race of the suspicious person he saw. When Michael Brown roughed up a store owner and stole from the store and then attacked a police officer, the media repeated the lies of Brown's thug friends that Willson was holding a gun on them and that they had their hands up asking him not to shoot. The truth was completely different. Wilson asked Brown to stop because Brown exactly fit the description of the guy who robbed the store. That's because Brown was the guy who robbed the store and not because he was a random black guy. Brown attacked Wilson in Wilson's patrol car. When Wilson fired and got Brown to stop reaching through the window in the attack, Brown ran for a short distance. Wilson shouted for Brown to stop, but if Brown had kept going, he's still be alive today. Instead, Brown turned and charged at Wilson. That's when Wilson fired the fatal shots.

At this point, we aren't even entirely sure how much a role the knee on the neck played in Floyd's death. While the knee on the neck was almost certainly the final step in Floyd's death, the long-term problems with his heart and circulation system combined with use of fentanyl and meth probably made him a dead man walking. We can't expect the police not to arrest someone just because he's a criminal who has destroyed his body through stupid choices.

To summarize what I would say to SJW and Antifa types, here are the main points.

  1. If you don't like what the United States is, go somewhere else and build what you want. If your plan is to take what we have, expect to be treated as domestic enemies.

  2. Stop lying and stop encouraging the media when it lies. To the extent that the SJW and Antifa types are lying as a strategy to destroy the United States, then they are just enemies who need to be treated as enemies. To the extend that some of them really want to participate in making the country better, then they need to stop their lies. They need to realize that their feelings are not truth in the way that scientific fact is truth.

  3. If you want to make things better regarding wrongful acts by police or anything else, you need to do the tedious but necessary work of addressing issues within legal bounds. That requires a bit of intelligence and an attention span. Our Constitution was written during what they called the Age of Reason. Our Constitution was written for people who would be guided by reason. Reason means putting together real facts through linear and intelligent thought. If you want a country guided by mindless feelings, you need to go somewhere else and build that country. If you are trying to overthrow our Age of Reason country and create your Age of Mindless Feeling country, you will be treated as an enemy.

@WftRight Had a question, quoting: "He was using fentanyl and meth. He tried to pass a counterfeit $20 bill. Those are just the things that we know so far...."
Allegedly there have been two autopsies with two different results. How do we know for factual these allegations are true? Where were they proven, legally speaking?, if you have links. Thank-you

@bastion I would say that if you don't want violent confrontations with the police then don't break the godamned law!


We've been through this before and then moved on. 1968 was a terrible year; political upheavals, military defeats, assassinations, the National Guard was repeatedly called in to control riots, communist student oganizations morphed into terrorists.

And it wasn't just the US. In the spring French students raised barricades in the streets and revolted. In Czechoslovakia Alexander Dubcek's popular movement for "socialism with a human face" was crushed by Soviet tanks. The whole world seemed to totter.

We took those losses and learned from them. We reformed and renewed. We grew. In 1969 we landed on the Moon. Today private companies are doing what only superpowers could do in 1969. People are walking around with more computing power in their pockets than the president of the US could command in 1969. Lifespans have increased. Extreme poverty has been reduced by over eighty percent worldwide.

1968 was not the end of the US. It was another beginning. And so is 2020.

Do you figure the 18-40 year-olds will ultimately get on board with Bill Barr's vision of America?

I agree that we should and CAN learn from these recent events and eventually move on. Social media does tend to get many folks overly excited and whipped up about ongoing event, and very quickly at that. And every day, extremists take advantage of these injustices and use social media to their advantage, hijacking events such as George Floyd’s very unfortunate demise to further their own causes.

The most important suggestion that I have for all is to find credible news sources, NOT social media, from which to learn of the day’s events.

For those in the USA, see’s Media Bias Chart for analyzed and rated, credible and politically-neutral mainstream media sources.

Howdy @WilyRickWiles,

It happened to members of SDS and even the Weather Underground. It happened to Eldridge Cleaver and David Horowitz. Some radicals, like Bill Ayers, became the establishment sponsors of new progressives. Life does have a way of taming us.

@timon_phocas This generation is older and better educated. They're also rather unified.

@timon_phocas Not to mention that since their parents spent their inheritances, they aren't tethered to the expectations of their elders.

“better educated”
Except YOU SickRick
Except YOU

They're also not hippies this time around.


Two things: first, make sure that you and your loved ones are safe. I recommend owning guns and knowing how to use them and thinking about how to use them properly in particular situations. Second, figure out exactly what’s going on. I’ll explain.

The unrest is caused by two things: ignorance and (leftist) vile-ness.

A lot of people are ignorant about what the real problem is concerning George Floyd. It is not racism, which is no longer a major issue in America. The real problem is Police Departments’ not being properly trained, vetted and run on principles concerning individual rights. But police departments are run by politicians, locally, so people have to get better politicians and stay on them to ensure good police departments.

The vile-ness concerns the plotting, long-term, by the left to take over America. They are the ones behind the riots, spreading disinformation about a alleged racism and Americans themselves. They have been planning these riots for a long time and simply been waiting for the fuse. They believe that if they create enough fear and stress and anger that Americans will elect leftist Democrats to office to put their heel down on American lives and create Marxism.

The leftists create ignorance via “public education“ and then they feed off of the ignorance of the individuals who never get past the propaganda that has been crammed into their heads. That is the fountainhead of what we are seeing across America right now.

The only way to stop it is to be a constant proponent of individual rights on social media and Town meetings and county meetings, and to elect politicians who largely promote individual rights.

Meanwhile, get your guns, know how to use them, and get the comfort of your own safety.

Yandarn Level 7 June 3, 2020

Can’t we simply get special Hunting Licenses and expedite the process???



"Man is born to trouble,
As the sparks fly upward.
But as for me, I would seek God,
And to God I would commit my cause."



I embrace it! Nothing could have exposed the ugly and putrid nature of lefties, ANTIFA, SJW, ... better than this. Hopefully they'll dig their own grave deeper 😎

Lt-JW Level 7 June 3, 2020

I am given to personal observation more than advice, generally, as I am but little qualified to it. I get my own comfort from being a student of Advaita Vedanta. It teaches, and I do have to keep reminding myself, that happiness is not in the objects of our desires -our wants and needs- but in ourselves. If it were in fact in the objects, we could banish want and need by obtaining objects. This can seem to happen, but only fleetingly and then...back to wanting and needing. The big problem for us right now is fear, and though fear is but the flip side of the coin to desire, it is a much more tenacious thing and it makes us reactionary when we should instead be still, cautious and observant.

People are quick to say, "I'm not afraid. I stand my ground!" This is well and good when it is truly called for but there are times, as well, when it is prudent to bend away from the opposing force and let it spend itself in its fury. Kind of like Judo, I guess, though I'm not qualified to talk about martial arts either.

In as much as it may or may not help I offer a statistical observation: most of what we fear never happens. I think it's somewhere around 85% and this is why insurance is one of the largest and most successful industries on the planet; selling us fear to the tune of, I dare say, hundreds of billions of dollars of profits for them and dubious security for us.

I think that desire, as the flip side of fear, is an understatement. I suggest the flip side of our fear is what we worship and slave ourselves to.

@RobBlair I think it should be considered that true worship is in no way an act of groveling or slavish obeisance but purely praise and thanksgiving and, unlike prayers of petition, asking for nothing. But indeed you are correct in that we all slave ourselves to our desires.


Invest in precious metals, like lead...

2peros Level 8 June 3, 2020

I think it was Stephen Fry who once said "Social media is kind of like Pandora's box, we thought it would liberate us and unite people in away here to never seen before instead just like Pandora's box once opened it only served to act as a vessel for all the worst qualities with in us".
Peaceful protest should always be welcome even encouraged, but social media is a platform that whips up peoples anger in to a frenzy and then its unleashed and we get to see the result as being played out in America now.


Be responsible. Take positive steps to see that you and yours are safe and prepared. Fear is a liar.


During these stressful times, I find reading and indulging more in certain hobbies gets me through the rough days. Some people are more emotional than others, and for those who get caught up in their emotions I don't think there's much I could do or say to them that would calm their nerves down. The recent events are a complex issue with no simplistic solution(s), and our politicians don't appear to be helping much any.

@dd54 I refuse to be dictated by fear.


Most Importantly?
Learn the Definition and Difference
Realize that A LOT of the Media is calling RIOTS “Protests”

Learn to Sniff Out LIES.


Having already run my mouth for three paragraphs, I'd just like to add that if the weather and the "political climate" is permitting where you are, Close and get off the social media and get outside and experience Spring. Summer is coming and it might get hot. And remember; IDW/Slug is social media as well.

Yes, IDW/Slug is just like any other where people get themselves all worked up over nothing, and then they claim that they developed some mental issues and blame social media for it. Never understand that logic to be honest.


Just chill.

Naomi Level 8 June 3, 2020

Perhaps the attack on our country will bring us together, don't fall for the shaming or guilt, this was an isolated incident not representative of our country. And we see it exposing opportunists for what they are. Look around you will find those of a similar spirit through this turmoil.

RCGibb Level 7 June 3, 2020

"All hope abandon, ye who enter here." - Dante Alighieri had it backwards.
The abandonment of hope for humanity is what creates Hell in this life.
I foresee no decent future for humanity while Islam, Communism, Globalism and regressive leftism persist.


It’s certainly troubled times. It’s not too late to rise up out of it with lessons learned that can help America to adjust to the inevitable changes to come.


Advice? I am one of them. I cannot believe this is happening. I couldn't believe Coronavirus lockdowns were happening either. I get up every day in a suspended state of pointlessness. And nobody is doing anything about it. THE GOP are an illusion. They don't do anything. We are going socialist. See the movie Melancholia. This feels like a giant asteroid is going to collide with earth and are all just waiting for the end of the world. This is going to change everything. We are never going back to normal. We are never going back to the way it was. There are going to be two classes - upper class and lower class.

RAZE Level 7 June 3, 2020

That is the ultimate goal.


Give them a gun and teach them how to use it.


Turn off all of your devices. Go outside. Walk in the grass or the dirt. Plant, trees, seeds, your choice. Pet the cat or the dog. If you don't have one, go to your local humane society and pet those animals, they need it the most. Call someone you love and don't talk about current events or politics. Talk about dreams, plans, and goals. Oh, and remember to breathe.


Turn off the television. Turn off your phone (or delete the apps causing you stress ...or bury them on another page).

I haven’t owned a television for over a decade (coming up on 15 years ). I don’t miss it AT ALL. I certainly don’t miss the lies the msm is telling. I don’t miss the talking heads analyzing the news for me.

As for social media - I only joined FB for my side business (and I mostly post coffee memes ...and my side business has nothing to do with coffee lol). Twitter? Instagram is good for catching up with family, but I try to call more often. I also write quick notes and drop them in the mail. And I’m going to make it a point to do a lot more visiting this summer.

You don’t have to contribute to your anxiety or participate in toxic relationships. I give you permission to take a break. And if anyone says anything, be honest: tell them you’re unplugging and if you like them, meet them for coffee with the condition that the phone stays in the car.


We all know what this is about!
Call it what it is and deal with it properly.
Public media is yet again helping to create more
??? What ever happend to COVID19,
???? What about the FLYN injustice,
????CREEPY JOE Biden's racist remark

jr41162 Level 2 June 3, 2020

This sums it up...

2peros Level 8 June 4, 2020

A form of meditation called Shikantaza


All of this BS is part of a plan to end the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, permanently!!!
This country, the last I heard, is $25,000,000,000,000 in debit and going further in dept daily!!!
Does anyone have a way to fix a problem this large??????
IMHO, we will shortly be in the same financial situation as Germany (pre WW II) and the current situation in Venezuela, where you need buckets of cash to buy a loaf of bread!!!
I know, this does not address this post, but stressing out without a plan of action gains nothing!!!
Sitting back without a plan of action will only create more stress!!
So, taking the advise of some of these comments, (TUNING OUT) may reduce stress temporarily, but will only make the future stress worse!!!!!
2peros may have it right, ammo may become the means of exchange!!!!!!
If you just sit back and hope things will get better, THEY WON'T!!!!!

Serg97 Level 8 June 3, 2020



TyKC Level 7 June 3, 2020
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