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Canada bans 'assault weapons' by executive order...

SpikeTalon 9 May 1

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What's wrong with Trudeau? Hasn't he heard how effective thoughts and prayers are?

Well, these new gun bans will be almost as effective as thoughts and prayers. Not quite though, as licensed owners will refuse to give up many of the guns, which drives them underground, adding to the pool of illegal weapons availible to the unlicensed.

The law is counter-productive.

Thoughts and prayers are at least neutral

Are your being sarcastic?


arm your selves now the slingshot channel


CANADA, keep in mind the "DONALD" may be interested in making somewhere else great again, after 2024!!!
Wouldn't hurt to ask!!!!!


Hold onto your guns. My guns got stolen, I dropped off a cliff into Tyne ocean, deep lake or a crevase. You'll need them WTSHTF.

I "accidentally" dropped all of mine in the river...

@SpikeTalon good man!


Well, the Trudeaus and the Liberal Party of Canada have succeeded in killing democracy in Canada.

Exaggeration? A little, perhaps, but not by much.

This draconian exercise in violation of our rights has been done without reference to Parliament, our democratic representatives.

The government is denying us the use of our legal property until they can steal it.

They are destroying several businesses, putting hundreds if not thousands more out of work, destroying a growing sport in Canada, and doing it all without representation from the people.

How is that possible?

Pierre Trudeau started it by normalizing the use of Order in Council to bypass Parliament. OiC was intended for emergencies only.

Jean "the Don" Chretien used OiC as a building block of the Firearms Act, making it unnecessary for the state ever again to face the people when they seize firearms.

And now Trudeau has used it in the attempted theft of hundreds of thousands of firearms.

"So what?" you say? "The people voted him in.", you say?

We do not elect a 4 year dictator. Laws still must go through Parliament, undergo debate, committee hearings, survive votes, and be brought before the representatives of the people.

This is so blatantly outrageous.

And the asshole left are the dangerous ant-democratic, anti-liberty scum. Specifically the Liberal Party of Canada. They've shown their true face.

No exaggeration there, Trudeau is a damn tyrant. I feel sorry for Canadians who have lost their rights over such nonsense.

Not exactly a tyrant. More like a schoolyard bully. The kid never grew up.


"Trudeau make the familiar claim that these 'weapons were designed for one purpose and one purpose only: to kill the largest number of people in the shortest amount of time.' "

Except the madman, who was in possession of firearms illegally to begin with, didn't mow down a crowd of people in a shoert period of time whatsoever.

So this ban would do nothing to save those poor victims. And it will only embolden whack jobs like this feeling more confident people don't have firearms with which to protect themselves.

I agree, and sad it is.

@SpikeTalon its outrageous. The time is coming.sooner than we think. Live free or die a slave.

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