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LINK Who Didn’t See That Coming?

Part of the trillions of dollars conjured by the U.S. Congress to address the economic impact of coronacrisis was a Democrat sponsored extra $600 per week added to unemployment for the near future. For anyone familiar with what’s known as The Welfare Trap, the addition of benefits well above those normally anticipated would have sparked a realization: people receiving this additional money will not be inclined to accept returning to work.

etinvisibilium 6 Apr 24

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Sounds like you said it’ll be temporary, if not, then I can see it being like a trap.


Any guesses as to how little of it will end up doing what its designated to


Destroy all incentive to work then provide basic essentials at a rationed rate so one is dependent from day to day. Now say economic slavery.


The current incarnation of the Democrat wing of American politics is trying to speed up the process of turning the U.S. into a Socialist state.

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