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What is your opinion on unsolicited advice?

It's considered uncouth to give advice on the golf course. I wish more folk heeded this convention because it always seems to be some old loud mouth git with a fucking awful swing that dishes out all the advice. Do you think this translates to real life?

JackHammel 5 Nov 16

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True story about unsolicited advice given to me not on a golf course. I was standing at the counter of a local convenience store with a few items in hand and I ordered a few quick pick Power Ball tickets (jackpot was way way up there at the time). Random guy behind me pipes up...says something about how I'm throwing my money away yada yada yada...I paused for a moment and paid for my purchase then turned around and thanked him for his advice. Then I asked if he had a business card or something with his personal phone number. He asked why I wanted his phone number. I said: "because the next time I get the impulse to spend my own money on something I would like to call you to get advice on whether or not it's a good idea"
Random guy face turned red - clerk and other people started snickering about it...he shook his head no I turned and walked out to my car.


don't EVER offer unsolicited advice unless or until the other persons words, actions or behavior interferes with: A)your own serenity B) the line of your putt C) crosses your threshold for utter stupidity.

@JackHammel hey thanks!


I always tell people what they're doing wrong on the golf course because I am an authority. Same in real life. I am an authority. Simple as that.


Sometimes people don't explicitly ask for advise, but sometimes they ask by body language or short comments. But yes, it's best to be quiet if you do not know what you are talking about.

Better to Remain Silent and Be Thought a Fool than to Speak and Remove All Doubt


Free advice can often be worth what you paid for it.


I don't play golf, but I understand the idea. For me it depends on who, what the subject is. My ex wife is forever offering unsolicited advice. It's worth absolutely nothing becuase she typically knows nothing about which she speaks. Her efforts are just hopng she sounds smart and valid. Other folks have offered such advice but only on specific subjects and knowing what they are talking about it has been helpful. My father in law was one of those people that would offer unsolicited advice and it was always appreciated (FIL being the father of my wife now).

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