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Foster Brooks:

I heard he never drank a drop in his life, but he sure could play a drunk like no other. Who else remembers this guy?

CaptainFeelgood 7 Nov 6

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Actually drunk or not I thought his act was disgusting. Dean Martin in the photo with him at least could sing and act but I always thought his drunkenness - drinking act was unflattering and unattractive. I thought it made him look like a profoundly unhappy man soothing his demons with alcohol. Sorry to be a killjoy but even when I was a boy drunken people evoked a powerful negative response in me. Even today I can almost smell their body odor and breath. I shudder thinking about it.

Hmmmm.... Sounds like some therapy might do you good. Maybe something happened to you as a child or something. So sorry. 😢

@CaptainFeelgood Funny - I need therapy? Because slurring, stumbling, smelly belching, pissed in their pants drunken people are offensive to me?
Honestly if they were right there in front of you and in that condition I don't think you would stick around very long either.
But hey - if you or anyone else are amused, then by all means, enjoy!


Thanks, @CaptainFeelgood. I needed a good laugh today.


Best [acting] drunk on the planet.

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