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One of the best songs Brett Michaels and Poison came out with.

HerrDarkAgain 7 July 23

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never heard this song before. must have been a bigger hit in Europe - Great Britain than here in USA?

On the US Billboard charts hit #4 and was certified gold record(back when it meant something; pre-internet).
If you never heard of it, then you were not listening to the radio, watching Mtv/Friday Night Videos, going to malls or stores, or you were not around then to have fun.

@HerrDarkAgain I only listen to music on the radio while driving my car - always been that way. Rarely watched MTV - I'm pretty sure I would go to the Mall and the Store get my shit and then get the hell out! LOL
The only song I can think of from Poison is "Every Rose..."
I know they are/were talented performers, singers, song writers but I never paid much attention to that band. I have no doubt my son knows their music - I know he knows who Brett Michaels is - if you asked me who he is I would have only been able to say that he' a singer or something like that and oh yeah I think he was married to Pamela Anderson"...LOL! Which I don't think they were ever married but...somehow they were connected

@iThink They dated for a bit, but it was the in thing at the time for rockers to date Playboy models. It was also PR and Marketing between the record companies and Playboy for publicity. After the Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson sex tape came out, another one was made public with Anderson and Michaels.
He also does a lot of charity work, especially for Diabetics(he is a type I), kids, and veterans.

@HerrDarkAgain I'm sure he's a righteous dude. It shows in his music...Like about 100 million other guys I'm a bit envious he got to bed one of the most gorgeous women (at that stage of her life) that ever disrobed for any and all to admire.

@iThink Brett Michaels also learned about Karma...he has just daughters and their blonde and he is very protective of them, his one daughter ended up developing Type I diabetes just like her dad.

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