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LINK It's happening: Liz Cheney mailing fliers to Wyoming Dems asking them to vote for her

It’s true that there are Dems in Wyoming who want to vote for Cheney. The progressive group Stand Up America recently conducted a survey of members and asked them which politicians inspired them. A common answer: Liz Cheney, whom one described as “the only light in an otherwise pitch-dark Republican cellar.” The head of the group told the Guardian, “Would I also like Liz Cheney to support the John Lewis Voting Rights Act and the Freedom to Vote Act? Yes, I absolutely would. But I give her a tremendous amount of credit right now for the courage that she is showing, in trying to protect the very fact that our system of government is a democracy.”

Cheney's not even a RINO; she's a DIABLO: Democrat In All But Label Only.

sqeptiq 9 June 24

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Do we need any more proof that Cheney is really a Democrat in drag?


So, why is this a problem? All politicians ask people to vote for them. I've never heard of a politician saying don't vote for me because you are a R or you are a D. They are supposed to represent all the people, right?

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