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Are Memes the end of digital communication.

Over the last decade we have seen the rise of social media, and a wholesale regression of communication.

The introduction of memes although comical at times has really seemed to impact our level of depth in communication.

In part it's easy. It's a shallow easy to digest image that allows us some measure of instant gratification while allowing us to state something with out actually formulating a statement/idea.

Personally I see our society slowly slipping into some bizarre scenario where we just point to images to explain what we like, and our ideas.(Idocracy)

I find it ever more alarming that several individuals don't even hold the idea presented in their ideology. It seems they don't actually hold any sense of foundation around any of these ideas.

What's your take?
Is this just a cultural phase?
Another rendition of the majority of general public lacking the caliber to formulate worth while opinions?

CodeNameZebra 6 Apr 18

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The art of conversation, civil debate, and loving your fellow man seem to have all fallen into a ditch off of some forlorn freeway.


That certainly is possible. I think though the digital world has given many a wider voice and audience. There is no doubt it has broadened the world of discourse. That does not mean that everyone wants to engage in a thoughtful way, some just want to play games and make inane comments. Memes take little effort and accomplish something of leaving a mark in a discussion. Think of it like graffitti some of it is artistic expressive and striking some of it is putting up an ugly tag for no reason. When you have one you have the other.


Meme's encapsulate ridicule which seems to be the political debate platform of choice in the ADD world we live in. It's just an expansion of the political cartoon phenomena. But to your point, society has lost its ability and willingness to long form debate. If you can't make you point in a 5 minute video nobody listens. It's why Mark Dice is so popular. His videos are short, his ideas are simple. Click... 5 minutes ... Click.

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