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LINK The Mind Control Tactics Used Within Facebook | J Christoff

Anyone read anything by this author Jason Christoff? Article true or conspiracy theory? I’m sure some of it is accurate.
I’m not out to get FB. I’m more looking at the big dumbing-down agenda. Thoughts?

By Lexington4
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I have read a lot by him l think he is spot on. Sometimes hard to read, he hits you over and over with unpleasant info.

Yes! I stumbled on an article by Christoff, then read another right away. Then I had to stop and soak it in and just think. It is a lot, but believable because everybody’s got an agenda.


Mind control is used in everything Tv is not called program ing for nothing


I don't know. I tend to think somebody created a technology without understanding it's full impact. I think we've been doing that for a long time. I see the potential for all of that, but I think mostly tech ppl create stuff because it's cool and they can.

Check out the first video at the end of the article. It’s a little damning. They knew it was ‘wrong,” but not the extent of it.


Likely 99.8% accurate.

I buy the dumbing down agenda, but unsure of which direction it’s coming from?... All directions? This is the stuff bad dreams are made of.


There isn't enough common sense left in the world, to pack my one hitter.

Extremism is the dynamite of Societal Destruction.

@Lexington well if you really look into more you can see all networks are owned by the same people, as well connected to most social networking. It is intentional. Just like a controling spouse.


@Gerri4321 Interesting point. Media has been bought forever. It would be educational to see some sort of a chart listing the reach of some big businesses. Maybe this exists already.. or maybe hidden too well.

@Lexington i have a few let me see if i can find them

@Gerri4321 awesome! Thanks

@Lexington i hope this helps i probably have more but i got over 6000 photos of evidence.
What started me on this was why does the news only report black on black gun violence crime, when white women are more times convicted of killing their children mostly. My conclusion is control the gun violence narrative for strict gun control politics. Why are the children found the only childen reported? 8000 thous. Childern go missing a year. 2 Every 40 seconds. My conclusion is the government is involved in human trafficking. So we must be more responsible to reseach for the truth.

@Gerri4321 Huh.

Here I thought I owned the sites I owned.

Who were my partners again?

@Guido_Provolone i was not reffering to you. Do you have a hidden agenda your trying to put out with symbolism or codes to influence people in anyway. I don't know i don't follow you. CBS did the report on FB being the CIA not me. And the reports of who owns what can be found. So it's all reseachable


@Gerri4321 two every 40 seconds?!.. There have been a lot of attempted abductions in my area lately. It’s a scary time to have kids.
Thanks for all the pics. Some crazy sign stuff. The google signs are straight up the same.
Sometimes I learn things, and wonder if it would be better to be ignorant. I know overall it’s not. Just crosses my mind with topics like these.

@Lexington it breaks my heart i can educate and stop it fast enough

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