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LINK The Mind Control Tactics Used Within Facebook | J Christoff

Anyone read anything by this author Jason Christoff? Article true or conspiracy theory? I’m sure some of it is accurate.
I’m not out to get FB. I’m more looking at the big dumbing-down agenda. Thoughts?

By Lexington5
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I have read a lot by him l think he is spot on. Sometimes hard to read, he hits you over and over with unpleasant info.

Yes! I stumbled on an article by Christoff, then read another right away. Then I had to stop and soak it in and just think. It is a lot, but believable because everybody’s got an agenda.


Mind control is used in everything Tv is not called program ing for nothing


I don't know. I tend to think somebody created a technology without understanding it's full impact. I think we've been doing that for a long time. I see the potential for all of that, but I think mostly tech ppl create stuff because it's cool and they can.

Check out the first video at the end of the article. It’s a little damning. They knew it was ‘wrong,” but not the extent of it.

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