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Gender discussion in schools

What do people feel about this idea that they should teach young children about gender issues I personally think it's inappropriate and should be left to the parent to explain and answer any questions the child might have am I alone in my thoughts?

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I’m uncomfortable with any of it being taught to young kids under at least 8 or 9, straight, Gay, trans what ever, those kids are still seeing a world of firsts, like; ‘what’s that? ‘ It’s Green’, what’s that? ‘Your leg’, ‘what’s that?’ ‘ a carpet’ lets not add heavy fundamental physiological/biological issues into the mix, willy nilly! That’s not to say don’t keep an eye out for any kid who may be suffering from this dreadful situation and/or maybe being bullied for such, if that’s the case then it does need addressing in a quick non judgmental manor! I have plenty of LGBT friends who are totally solid stand up people, so it’s not about being anti, it’s more about timing in a child’s development!



Personally, I am completely in favor of early childhood sex education. I have a 4-year-old daughter, I live in Argentina, and I think it is necessary that some things be taught to our children from a young age, because I also do not think I have the skills to teach them or pose them in a correct way.

Having said that, I am a little concerned about the so-called gender discussion. In our country, the feminist agenda has taken on a very important role, and is occupying an enormous amount of space in the media. Of course, as well JBP and many others could explain, it is all about a need of the left to find a common struggle that can be manipulated as a group ideology, instead of dealing with much more transcendental issues that have to do with the development of people, families and our society as a whole. We are going through a serious economic crisis, and for our government (mostly linked to the right) the left becomes fully functional, by diverting the debate of these conjunctural issues to other issues.
Attention, I am in favor of people having more and more rights each time. What worries me is the "agendization" of some issues.
Returning concretely to the question under discussion in this topic, in just a few weeks in the kindergarten where my daughter attends, the first day of "E.S.I." will take place. (Inclusive Sexual Education). What worries me is not having been informed of the contents that will be discussed, and of course I have already contacted school authorities to get more information.
If I do not get an answer or disagree with the issues to be raised, I will be forced to make the decision that my daughter does not go to school that day.
After all, she is only 4 years old, and as I said above, although I consider early sexual education important, I would not like, as you said, to trigger concerns about topics that are too complex for a child's mind.

Sometimes I find it difficult to define myself as far as ideologies are concerned, because as I said I am in favor of freedoms and of granting rights to people, but I think that if we owe something as a society (Argentina at least), it is to know where to put limits, know where to draw the line. This is something that must be achieved with a broad debate: adult, articulate, respectful, diverse (REALLY diverse) ... but we are light years away from something like this happening in my country.

Greetings to all, and sorry for my writing in English!

taniss Level 2 Apr 16, 2019

We had health class when I was in school. Other than that it’s up to the parents to teach. I’m sick of weirdos pushing our kids into mental illness.


This a reason my kids are going to a rivate school for at least preK yo grade 8. The pinkos are planting the seeds while they are young. Make the issue seem bigger than it is with some programmed youth and next thing you know parents are voting for their trans kids future. Finally, kids will view seeing trans people as having mental health issues as old fashioned and vote accordingly.


I’d like to see the literature on developmental stages of children as it relates to the appropriateness of various levels ( or even the necessity) of sex education. Hard to evaluate this issue with my current level of ignorance. I can say that elementary school is no place for any type of indoctrination. I’m old school - teach reading, writing and arithmetic in school and leave moral education to parents. Yes, I’m aware there has been a huge failure of parenting that opens the door to this type of “schooling”.

Demere Level 6 Apr 16, 2019

P.p. has a program now being used for 4 to 6 year olds under sex education. This is for the parents to talk with their children about. If anyone can not see this is a push agenda then i don't know how to tell them it is


Discussions about gender do not belong in elementary schools. If parents want to discuss this with them, then they can but is certainly not the place of our schools to broach the subject. Many schools will invite activists from gay groups or transgender groups to address the students and you know that they want to do more than educate our children This is among the many reasons that my wife and I chose to homeschool our children. We did not want them indoctrinated on various social and cultural issues plus my wife was confident that she could give them a better education, which she definitely did. I urge everyone out there who can possibly do it to homeschool their kids.


It very much sounds like a political agenda. I am also against any talk about feminism in school. But there's always at least one teacher who insists on doing so. It is taking a political stance and it looks like indoctrination.

It really does I see it as stripping them of their own ideas and thoughts and instead insisting on a group identity!


If I could do this part over, my kids would be home schooled. We actually wanted our kids in public school to learn how to get along with all different types of people in all different types of situations. I didn't see much benefit to that in the end. However, I saw a lot of damage, and they didn't teach my kids a lot. I'd probably come very close to using a model like Jordan Peterson lays out for 'proper' education now.

I was thinking the same thing for my 6 year old expose them to diversity and a range of experiences good and bad but your right when u mention Peterson that man has lit a fire under me so inspiring!

@DOWNEYA82, I think that's great! And, you're not alone.

It is quite easy to expose your children to a diverse spectrum of other children and give them many opportunities to socialize. There are homeschool groups and co-ops, scouting, community sports, church groups, neighborhood friends and relatives to socialize with among other opportunities. Finally, they often don’t learn true socialization in school as they are only exposed to children their own age and there is so much pressure to conform that they learn peer dependence, not socialization.

Things are complicated, @Clammypollack. Here, there would be a pretty significant economic line in the home schooled set. And with that, comes some race/ethnicity differences too. Home schoolers are also often hyper-religious here. I wouldn't call that group diverse. But, that was the theory, and as I said, I made a mistake.


It may well work in a young context. As a High School teacher it is much harder to avoid. Particularly so when we have students transitioning genders. Teenagers do ask, they want to understand.

waynus Level 6 Apr 15, 2019

I agree with you I think, almost completely that it should be an idea brought up by parents, it is not the states job in general to teach children...that is reserved for the family. The reason is that the "state" is not a person but other people, flawed, hurting, and misguided like the rest of us...its not like I have some magical understanding of life and nature here on earth. I do humbly tell others that they should have their own kids to screw up and let me screw up mine!

I have thought about this as I have two girls in school right now and don't want to expose them to ideas too early, however don't want them to be ignorant either. I have talked to them about the biological sexes and that there are people that are hurting and confused about life and might act against their biology. We live in a time where feelings are more important than reason so I have been giving them advice on how to deal with the irrational emotions of others while still maintaining the reason and truth I have tried to instill in them.

I agree I have respect and sympathy for those who are confused but I draw the line at ignorance you cannot deny biology and to do so is something I simply cannot endorse it's dangerous


I thought the genders were pretty self explanatory, how does that conversation go?

Your absolutely right my friend although u have heard the buzz sorrounding all of this new age gender talk it's all bollocks and I'm afraid that my young daughter will be exposed to it incorrectly I see it as a mental health issue not as anything else I have respect for those suffering and can sympathize but will not endorse it

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