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Rule of Law.... where is it ?

With everything going on in the world today , whether it is Yellow vests in France , White Farmers in SouthAfrica , or just plain old anarchy across the globe ... has anyone just sat back..... looked and listened to what is happening ? Has the Rule of law been replaced with something else ? Something where there is no accountablilty ? Nor remorse ? ... and then ask your self this question ... when does it stop ? Does it stop ? , if it doesn,t stop ... what can i do / Pray ? Hold up a sign ? Protest ? ... is Europe going to implode ? Will the US/Canada split off and form smaller individual countries / will China push the envelope on the islands they believe belong to them ? Will there be a 4th Crusade ? A civil war in the US? will it continue when Canada separates into smaller regions ( no longer provinces ) ... will United nations put boots on the ground in Canada ? Will moms and Dads ... really be moms and dads ? Will Facebook , Twitter , be replaced wit an new form of AI ? Will SJW ever wake up and leave their mom,s basement and become a constructive person in society ? Will politicians ever be held accountable for their actions /inactions ? Will people who have lost faith in God ... return to him ? Stat believing again in him ?...... will Humanity ever come back ?

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Wow, that's a lot of questions! What happened to the rule of law is big enough to start with; how many today really know what the rule implies? It surprises many when they learn that under the rule of law, law makers can not give anyone or any one group more power over any other. Therefore everyone is equal before the law, the race card can no longer be played. No wonder the leftist thinkers circumvent the law every time they can.


There are only two sets of laws today. Those for the Elite allowing Carte Blanc and the people, what used to be called tyranny. The law is now a system of Cronyism.

kg4ooa Level 5 Apr 16, 2019

sad but very true


"In the world you will have tribulation, but take heart, I have overcome the world". Jesus


We can’t look to the law for our philosophical, moral, spiritual compass. Politicians make laws Based on their world view. With the rise of secularism there is a conflict between biblical right/wrong & secular/judiciary right/wrong (ie. degendering marriage, killing life in the womb etc). Therefore Christians will be persecuted as prophesied. For wrong shall be called right & right, wrong ..... etc


Reading your post you act like all of this confusion is somehow new. It is not new, life has always been a confusing mix of order and chaos and challenges to our unity have always seemed to be looming large.

Plato wrote about the breakdown of society and pretty much everyone since. Partly today we simply here a wider range of views than our immediate circle or public media.

Society is constantly reshaping itself, that rate of change has not slowed in recent times. As for religion it has always waxed and waned. At the moment the world is in the grip of a massive rise in faith, it is just not happening in the West.

waynus Level 6 Apr 15, 2019

no nothing new I get that , and Plato don,t forget may ruffled a few feathers in his day but he was respected by his followers and non followers ... order and Chaos / well that is the crux of it isn,t it / order out of chaos .. cheers


The Bible is quite clear on this matter, many will never repent and turn back to God. Just keep reading the Bible and try your best to apply it to your life and you will be fine.

Dutch Level 6 Apr 15, 2019

and the great thing about that is .... its been TRIED TRUE AND TESTED cheers


wow dude take a hit. its all good.

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