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Is Social media Salvageable?

Over the last few years We have seen a increase in the active manipulation from Social media companies into their base.

Examples Facebook's increasing hostility towards controversial users and authoritarian bans on ideas.
Reddit' s purge of subreddits that conflicted with their ever changing guidelines.
Twitter targeting hashtags.

Even within IDW the the Community guidelines. Number 1 "Remember that people come to their own truth differently" could potentially be a decisive issue in any regulation of content bases on strong biased or firmly held opinion.

So 1. Are previous platforms salvageable or are they experiencing a slow drawdown out of existence?

  1. How do we prevent New platforms from becoming the things we were migrating from?

Not putting IDW guidelines on blast just a clear example how guidelines and user growth may possibly have a negative impact on experience if ever regulated.

By CodeNameZebra6
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The problem with social media is that it is on the internet and the problem with communicating via the internet is that it has always allowed disassociation from repercussions in how we comminicate. Keyboard bullies and tough guys or even just people trying to get a laugh can shit all over anyone they choose in any way they choose and most of the time it derails conversation and or incites bad behaviour.


I think even the creators of the major sites have found they rapidly moved beyond any conception of control.

The problem is that the nasty hateful and one sided malice has always been there; these companies have simply provided a platform.

Can the platforms be redeemed, probably not. Anytime and anywhere a social platform crops up unless it is heavily regulated it will all start again.

I think we are going to see the big companies become advertising and community bulletin boards if they survive at all. The benefits once touted for social media platforms I think were an illusion that has now evaporated in smoke.

waynus Level 6 Apr 17, 2019

Good post - thanks!

Admin Level 8 Apr 17, 2019

The primary problem with most social media apps is that they have become overtly political and rather than allowing everyone to speak to everyone else, the founding companies have chosen sides, and ultimately political groups and communities within those social media applications speak only to themselves. At some point, interest will Wane and when it does, the valuation of those companies will begin to drop. Eventually they will either refocus or they will become outdated, outmoted, and unused.


The big 3 probably not they are just echo chambers for far left ideologies. There will be new and better ones I really believe that. Im only really on fb now twitter is a lost cause


Attention travelers: We are now leaving the civil society. Fasten your seat belts and prepare for the consequences.


Social media sites are a type of society. In a society, these kinds of things are inevitable and unavoidable. There shouldn't be total anarchy and there shouldn't be totalitarian rule. The sweet spot is right down the middle, but it takes a lot of time to figure out the balance.

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