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Is the Democrat Party falling apart or stronger than ever?

I asked a friend what he thought about the Democrat Party’s future based on recent events.
I figured that a New Democrat Party will be created from the ashes. Maybe by the Starbucks guy.
But, when he said they are “Stronger than ever” wtf. I found myself scrambling for a safe space. It’s not pleasant, for a minute there I understood what it must feel like to be a Snowflake. It ain’t pretty.

So, are they falling apart or stronger than ever?

By Patrick5
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I feel it's falling apart. They are fragmented.

They are even starting to turn on each other.

For example, Joe Biden. He's not doing anything differently than when he was VP two years ago. Logically, as Obama's VP, he would have a legitimate chance of beating Trump, but he's too "middle of the road" for the progressives. So instead of backing him, they are sabotaging him.

Just like they knee-capped Bernie, so HC would be the candidate.

Fine by me. If the Dems won't don't learn from their mistakes, they deserve to lose.

I’ve been thinking HC too.

Biden and Hillary are one in the same. Progressives didn't kneecap Bernie. The wall st centrists did.


It's falling apart now. A very vocal 8% minority is destroying it and the majority is to afraid to speak up against them from fear of being labeled racist or sexist. Trump has 2020 in the bag already. And if there is a new Dem party built, the star bucks guy will not be the face of it. Bernie Sanders will be.

george Level 6 Apr 15, 2019

Bernie, really?

@Patrick bernie is the most popular politician by far across both parties. He is more like FDR than anything but the right wing talking point is "scary socialism" when we have been a social democracy for almost 100 years now.


If they are progressive then they will I think we need to get back to the real liberals they have cleared into too many groups and they get so confused

Ktpie Level 5 Apr 15, 2019

It's hard to say, they have a small but very radical mob of fanatical leftists who make lot of noise, outside of this echo chamber everyone else think they're crazy.

What left to see is what those centrist to center-left old school liberals are going to do? The modern regressive far left clearly don't represent them anymore. Are they going to throw away their contempt for Trump and vote for him by sheer exasperation? Or are they going to sit at home?

I think those people's reaction can determine the election.

shj648 Level 5 Apr 15, 2019

I think they're trying to adapt to inclusion of SJW's. An identity crisis of sorts.2020 elections will answer your question.

Demere Level 6 Apr 15, 2019
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