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Testing for senate and congress

Do you think we should test everyone running for public office to see if they understand the constitution?

By Dutch6
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It’s a great idea! Call me a pessimist (or realist), but some bought and paid for tool would be put in charge of making the test... then it would be just as if we didn’t have the test at all.


Might be more informative than a pass fail scenario. There is really three sides to ones view of the constitution. Absolute, fluid in interpretation, and outdated.
It wouldn't be unreasonable to want to understand how a candidate views it.

The constitution is a meaningless piece of paper without those in government believing in it's ideas.

At the end of the day it is up to the citizen to keep the government in check. If your rights have been violated you have to call them out. You cannot expect the government to limit itself.

@Username69 The Government has taken several steps to prevent this from happening.
At this point itself is the only check and balance that prevents it from doing things.

There could easily come a time were the Government just says Nah don't care. In that event the outstanding party is the public. Who is so fractured it becomes a Mexican standoff the Government just has to wait out.

Unless we can get some individuals that believe in the constitution and will curb Government overreach we are far from how things should be worked out.

@CodeNameZebra I was referring more towards calling out your rights when dealing with certain agents of the government. Fighting them in the courts and so on. However, I do agree that ultimately we need politicians who are willing to stop overreach and courts that view the constitution liberally in favor of the people. In order to allow this to happen we do need people who are aware of their rights and don’t view any of them as being worthy of being forgotten.


I love the idea. However, the big issue is who writes the test? Think about it from the perspective as having the author of the test pushing their narrative by making the answers one sided towards particular issues.


I think that would be an OUTSTANDING Requirement.
Perhaps it should be a Requirement that they take (and PASS) a complete course on “Civics and Government” ... like a prerequisite to becoming a “Licensed Politician” after all, they’re hoping to be “in the Driver’s Seat” of Our Nation, State or Local Government.
They should have to demonstrate their ability to Operate such a “Vehicle”.
Further ... they all take an Oath to “Uphold and Defend” the Constitution ... which, it seems, they know very little about.

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