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LINK Yuri Bezmenov: Psychological Warfare Subversion & Control of Western Society (Complete) - YouTube

This man was brilliant. His words are applicable today. Please listen to what he says and see how it's being used today.

Con-Can 5 Apr 9

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  At first, was very skeptical, what, a lecture by former KGB propaganda expert? 

Being naturally curious by nature and just a tad rebellious, toward conventional norms 😛 have to say thank you Con-Can, for posting this.

At about 16 mins in, with my attention drifting in and out, really started to pay some attention. Next question to self was, when was this lecture given?. When a Greneda reference was made, realized it was mid 80's. It was, obviously the recording was old, but over 3 decades. Have heard references made to the 'Long Game' before, but this is my first time to have watched an interesting, educated break down of how that would work. Anyhoo,(disclaimer) not making an endorsement, think it will stir some outrage, it is not PC and may cause some outright offense.

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