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Are you a social justice warrior?

What exactly is a Social Justice Warrior?
Social justice sound like a good thing, so what’s wrong with these brave warriors?

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By Patrick5
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Nope. I prefer to use common sense and thought real processes rather than 'feelings' when assessing situations or the news.


Holy Crap. Am I really the only SJW on here?

Crikey Level 5 Apr 15, 2019

I think it's a waste of time...


No way never


I mind my own business


I prefer using the oxymoron: militant hippies


I am in favour of justice via the rule of law.


I'm more of a truth seeker. i think social and justice should not be used in the same sentence. And warrior should be saved for those who Truly are. Debating, talking and sharing idea view's and opinions as well as options to solve problems is better i think then demanding policy to "fix problems"


I'm to gorgeous to be one of those dogs


I've been told I'm asocial.

JB313 Level 5 Apr 5, 2019

They're not about "justice". They are about government-sponsored revenge.

And media-sponsored. "If it bleeds, it leads."


I believe in social justice, and I'm not a social justice warrior in the same way being for equality means I am not a feminist. MLK Jr. pointed the way to social change. MLK Jr. is roundly ignored in intersectionality. There is a way forward. Extreme activists just miss their mark by a wide margin. I'm essentially saying we want the same things but have very different ideas how to achieve them.

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