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SHOCKING: Violent police bodycam footage EXPOSES aggressive Australian Police gestapo thugs and Main Stream Media and woke lies.

Foz01 7 Sep 14

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you are all armed ,run the fuckers over take there guns and kill the fuckers

Mate, I'm not sure that's a good plan. Think about it for a tick.


The relationship between the police and the citizens in Australia will never be the same. NEVER!

They are not the same honest community friendly cops, their agenda today is more like that of hitlers Gestapo. ( When young growing up and playing sport, soccer and union I can recall 4 of my coaches were local cops we saw around off duty and among us and we had a cop living next door that I still know today and lives in the same house retired that worked in head office everyday. They were great men to us (still cops) and they socialised and were a integral part of our communities weave and knit). The todays cop is simply a soldier in a community gestapo to keep citizens in a fearful state and to enforce the governments agenda on the fearful citizens. The MSM does the rest. We are scared, we are not one big body of people having our say. We are running, reacting with cooperation and can not keep up with all the changing and choking laws being forced upon us. They are our enemy and should be seen as such. They do not protect us and we should stop expecting it from them. We are being categorised for easy control and I guess ultimately for elimination. We are cooperating with it all. Tackle the dishonest vote counting system and MSM first I think, get some honest information to citizens, that will surely change the tidal flow of it all. It will certainly unify us, that is "THEIR" biggest fear.

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