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Whether it's racism or mental illness, progressive's silence on the Larry Elder attack is deafening-

SpikeTalon 9 Sep 10

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It's not true that the MSM did not report on this, if by progressive is meant MSM. As usual their reporting is muted and doesn't contain the requisite outrage people on the right expect. But this is hardly different from republicans calling the attack on the Capitol nothing but a tourist event. Politicians face this kind of thing often and it is hardly news worthy. Not sure this should be a major news event. Biden requiring vaccinations or weekly testing, that's a major news event.


Out of curiosity I watch known left-leaning sources such as ABC, MSNBC, and CBS, and none of them had reported on that incident, not from what I saw. Not all of us get news strictly from websites, and if certain leftwing sites covered that story the coverage was rather minimal considering if the situation was vice versa and said attacker was a rightwing fanatic assaulting a black Democrat politician. Generally such stories are a big deal, and when conservative-leaning extremists harass Democrat politicians such stories don't immediately go away, they stay in the news for some time. With that said, any true progressive should be outraged at what happened to Elder, assuming said outrage against any racial injustice is genuine and not manufactured for some sort of political gain/promoting a political agenda.

@SpikeTalon I don't think the coverage was minimal:




although it should have been. The only reason this is news worthy is because Elder is a controversial figure. A lesser known or less controversial politician wouldn't get this much attention. This kind of thing happens all the time. It's like a shooting in Chicago, we have become numb to it. It's click bait. The headline "Liberals Ignore Outrageous Racism Aimed at Conservative Politician," click, click, click, money, money, money. Do you really think Fox News or Breitbart would have reported on this if it happed to some liberal democrat. Nonsense.


It is typical of the woke progressive Left.


As I recently responded elsewhere, they do not care about Larry Elder because not only has their woke privilege allowed them to declare that he is not black, but also that he is a white supremacist.

This is another one of those woke redefinitions of language. White supremacy used to be about the inherent superiority of the white race. Today, woke academics have defined it to mean anyone who supports "whiteness." They have further defined "whiteness" to be traditional American culture and values. (see attached)

So by their reckoning, men like Larry Elder and Ben Shapiro are "white supremacists" because they support traditional American culture and values.

Funny how that works, isn't it?

Of course, they aren't going to explain to you what they really mean when they say that, because they want you to have the negative associations with what 99.999% of people think of when they hear, "white supremacist." This is entirely by design.


While the right is openly and publicly remorseful for the planned attack on the governor of Michigan.

@Pand0ro @SpikeTalon @eschatologyguy @RobBlaire

Why did the FBI stage a fake attack on Whitmer?

Because Whitmer is the most tyrannical governor.

The true reason for the FBI fake attack on Whitmer was that Democrats want to pave the way for tyranny, by protecting the most tyrannical Democrat governor.

Democrat voters use the fake attack on Whitmer as a talking point to attack Republicans. Democrat voters are idiots.

Loki: Humanity was made to be ruled. Democrats want tyranny.

@jaymaron Oh, I'm so sorry. I thought it was the Boogaloo Boys. I should have realized it was the FBI protecting us from tyranny. It is useless to try to exchange viewpoints with those who see things one way that confirms their bias. Armor your butt because reality will strike. Actually it is too late. Our enemies have won by pushing and encouraging our "either you are with us or your are against us" divide.

@Pand0ro The attack on Whitmer from far right extremists does not take away from the fact Elder was harassed by bigots and that the left has been largely silent on the matter. Try to focus on the original point in the post rather than deflect.

@SpikeTalon I was not denying the attack on Larry Elder, it was uncalled for and wrong. I was just pointing out that political blindness is practiced by all politically biased people left and right.

@Pand0ro Tell me something I didn't already know, in regards to the bias practiced by both sides. That still deflected from the original point. I agree the far-right is biased as well, but true progress cannot be made until both offending sides realize wrongdoing. In this case, the offenders were those on the left.

@SpikeTalon Yes, agreed, this time the offenders were on the left, no doubt. I am sorry but I have not noticed any posts condemning misdeed of those on the right. If each instance is isolated there is the problem of not considering patterns. Political positions do nothing but intensify the divide by exaggerating reality and taking their conclusions for fact.

@Pand0ro Don't know about other members on here, but in the past I've certainly done posts condemning the right when they are wrong.


The Democrat headline is:

White woman throws egg at black man.

The Republican headline is:

Bigot throws egg at patriot.

Larry Elder appeared on the Carlson show on Sep 9. He is intelligent, articulate, and funny.


It is never about racism.
It's not about choice.
It's not about gender.
It's about power.
Anything that diminishes their power is the enemy. Anything that enhances it, is their friend. These people are lost. And, the funny thing about power - the people who fight for it are often discarded by the ones who inherit it.


It's the progressive woke virus. No cure except shock treatment.

The shock treatment will be when the delusional on the left and right will suddenly have to deal with what is actually happening. Americans have moved into a fantasy world where everything is simple and has a simple answer and are either afraid or unequipped to see reality.

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