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Why would anyone vote For Justin Trudeau

Why considering the last year would anyone consider voting for Justin Trudeau?
I really want to understand your rational
Thank You

Jeremiahlee 3 Mar 30

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Ide vote for Justin. If i was a juror in his trial for treason. Ide vote guilty.


If I was a new immigrant, I would definitely vote for him. If I was a 16 year old pot smoker, I would definitely vote for him...If I was a complete idiot, I would vote for him


Thank You all for your comments I am a little wiser for it

Good question - I tried 'liking' many answers, but mine is still not working.


Trudeau is worse than stupid. He is rotten to his soul with this SJW identitarian marxist bs and he has no morals. He makes the absolutely wrong and most malevolent decisions about EVERYTHING. Right from the beginning
choosing cabinet based on gender right down to trying to get a DPA for SNC.

Every decision he makes is to make himself look good and to keep power and damn the country and it's citizens.


Non of the major parties has a candidate with the statesmanship required to lead the nation. Canada needs proportional representation. Governing by inter-party cooperation and collaboration results in legislation which better serves the full spectrum of society.


I know. I know. Trudeau is an abysmal failure and it will take years for the liberal party (if ever) to get back to where it made sense. What has he done for Canada that pushes us forward and makes us worthy of holding our flag high with pride on the global front. Nothing. It boggles my mind that my highly educated, supposedly astute friends support the PM and the present day Liberal party. And that's the question I ask. Tell me what he has accomplished in the last three some years? But we live in a world that we're not only fighting with guns, tasers, and smoke bombs, we're haranguing each other in a war of words and opinions aside from the ums and ahs and explectives. The war of opinion is why we're here on this site. I'm not knocking the freedom to express our opinions and have healthy dialogue. No way. It's the best and only way. However, the ability to understand and accept that while confusion reigns throughout the globe, it's OK to lean one way or the other. Let's not come to blows about it. Huh. Am I living in a pipe dream. The best of families, friends and colleagues have fallen apart because of support for Trump/Max over Trudeau/Obama. Trudeau must go. But will he? It's a scary thought.

He got the money to buy his way in? Possible? Yeah, Quite the thought. He'd be WAY worse!!

1 ah..aah.uhm....ah


The same reason someone would vote for Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama

they think liberalism is a good thing


IF I was (I'm not) a Liberal party supporter/member and getting my job/child's job/spouses job/... you name it linked to my friends in 'the government' - I would have some 'hold your nose' loyalty to this party. We SERIOUSLY need smaller government - not more through the liberal UN affiliation which erases the value of elected representatives.


This page left intentionally blank.



Nope, I would not, he is a mess.


I would vote for him if I was sucking on the AGW teet. I feel many vote for him because they love celebrities.


Because theyre stupid can't fix stupid

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