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Interesting hypotheses - just wish he'd left climate change out of his intro...not in agreement that we are an Empire or imperialistic - I feel there are better choices of words to describe the USA. His attacks on our military action against the terrorist Bin Laden, not admitting most black crime is black on black, unsupported military crimes, decline of education via privatization, his misguided blaming Trump and and the movement that brought him to the highest office in the land


This guy repeats BLM and Marxist talking points "without evidence." He lost credibility when he accused ordinary American servicemen and women of "widespread atrocities" in Vietnam and police of "gunning down unarmed people of color." The statistics from the FBI, not a patriotic American institution by far, and the evidence from multiple military tribunals shows him to either be a liar or a dupe of the Mainstream Media Complex.

Yeah, I didn't agree with the police or Viet Nam comments either. But the warning about US decline in the next decade should be heeded. It's not too late to turn things around.

@stevie-f indeed, even rabid dogs might have brief moments of lucidity in the midst of their hydrophobic mania.

@stevie-f I believe that it is too late. The present ongoing weakness continually displayed indicates to me that an outside intervention is in the future.

@athro Remember Trudeau has several divisions of PLA in Canada "training" for something. I believe invasion of the US is the reason they're training.

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