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Reparations for slavery

I'm curious what folks think about the Dem presidential candidates talking about the government paying reparations to, I assume, blacks in the US for slavery in our past. Is it just a ploy to reel back in black voters who are in Blexit mode? Why do none of them address modern-day slavery which exists in astonishing numbers worldwide, including in the US?

SJJensen 4 Mar 24

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In Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address, he suggested that the massive national destruction caused by the war was a reparation of sorts. He clearly had a different view of reparations then the modern Democrat Party:

Fondly do we hope, fervently do we pray, that this mighty scourge of war may speedily pass away. Yet, if God wills that it continue until all the wealth piled by the bondsman's two hundred and fifty years of unrequited toil shall be sunk, and until every drop of blood drawn with the lash shall be paid by another drawn with the sword, as was said three thousand years ago, so still it must be said "the judgments of the Lord are true and righteous altogether."

I probably have some ancestors who fought on the side of the North in the Civil War. Do I therefore owe less in reparations? (I know from family stories, I think they're more credible than Warren stories though.)

Or perhaps my family should even receive reparations, to make up for the struggle and sacrifice they undertook generations ago?

What about people who are descended from both sides?

Ultimately, however, my view is similar to Lincoln's.


Perhaps reparations should be paid for the Dhimmitude of Christians, Jews, Sikhs, Buddhists, Hindus, etc.


Here is my thoughts on the subject. give that we have many anti-discrimination laws and the affirmative action scheme. we have offered Reparations in oppertunity. that said interracial relationships are on the rise. so we have paid reps in blood aswell. as far as i am concerned we have paid it the best ways a people can. asking for more is greed not justice.

Yes, I have said the same things to others--that reparations were paid with 40 acres and a mule, 600,000 dead, millions paid in antipoverty programs and affirmative action.

Reparations was paid 10 times over with plumbing. Look at the Projects, which are now considered racist, that was the implementation of thousands of years of civilisational innovation and knowledge from brickwork to electricity none of which they had access to in Africa.

All these things have allowed them to make fortunes exploring other avenues from Music to other pursuits.


Retroactive punishment, to change a law and then punish the perpetrator, is purely a leftist doctrine. To do it after generations is draconian.


The only thing reparations would do is make Cadillac the number 1 car dealership in America!


Dem president candidates are STUPID! Like Stupid... Luckily for them, many voters are also stupid and deliberately avoid enlightenment of any sort. How would anyone place a value judgement on something like slavery reparations??? Slavery (although a horrible practice) is 99.999% of the history of mankind. Freedom and individual growth are the appropriate reimbursement for our history.


What if someone is a direct descendant of both of slaves and slave owners? Does your reparation amount depend on the percent of slave owner DNA of your ancestors?


It is a ridiculous concept.


Are we to take credit for or pay for our father's sin's?


I would think that if they are going after the governments who instigated slavery in the U.S. they need to go after the Portuguese for the " 20 and odd" at Jamestown, as well as the U.K. for allowing it under colonial rule.

I think the UK is one of the most heinous offenders with their colonisation of so many countries. Portugal have been doing great things lately to give their people a voice and their ‘stance’ on drugs is highly successful.

@Speyedy Portugal was the premier player on the African slave trade.

@Buflineks was! The UK has never stopped invading colonising and slaughtering.

I thought the Arab slave trade was the very beginning of the slavery history; didn't they ship lots of Africans to many different countries? Or, have I got that wrong?

@Naomi they still do. But this is about U.S. reparations. The U.S. slave trade started with a Portuguese Slave ship at jamestown.

Ah, I see. Thanks.

@Speyedy BS about the British they where the first ones to outlaw slavery well before the Americans. Maybe read some unbiased history and check your facts first

@fisherman0707 they may have outlawed slavery but they transformed it into genocide of indigenous peoples instead. It’s what the elite do! They turn it into something we can’t fight every time so they always win. Doesn’t matter what you call it, it’s deadly for the rest. ?

@Speyedy You have gone full Libtard never go full Libtard. You know what quote that is from


I would sooner burn my money.


I think African Americans should be offered the opportunity to return to the land of their ancestors (mainly the Ivory Coast of Africa) with free passage and $20,000.00 dollars each. If they decide to stay in the U.S. then they and everyone else should shut their mouths about this now and forever.

The problem comes when they get their 20k and turn around, apply for citizenship, get denied, fly to Mexico and then just walk across the border. Bam, they're asylum seekers we've already paid 20k to.

Would be interesting to see if any take up that offer. Likely very few. Any that do, will likely find themselves the outcasts in their new found heaven. Along with being the focus of discrimination, rape, robbery, or wearing “short sleeves.”


That’s one of those things where they’ve lost ANY SENSE of subtlety ...
When I first heard it I was momentarily aghast ... and then I lost it ...

I understand that the Democrats actually think their ENTIRE Constituency are Blithering Idiots but do they REALLY Believe Outright Insulting Their Tiny Little Minds is a GOOD Thing? ... Will go Completely Unnoticed?


If anyone should be made to pay reparation it should be Democrats. All 4+ million slaves were owned totally by Democrats. My ancestors fought for the union -- to free slaves. We've paid for slavery with our blood, sweat and tears. Every Jim Crow law was passed by Democrat congresses, signed by Democrat governors and enforced by Democrat clans-member law enforcement. If Democrat presidential wantabbees want to push this issue, we need to push back loudly and vociferously with the facts of history. The Democrats were the party of slave-owners and Jim Crow.


There is never an excuse for reparations to anyone for some past deeds of a supposed minority of people. In life there are winners and losers, cowards and heroes. If you think you deserve reparations then you and your now dead relatives were losers and cowards. Remember the 1st people enslaved from Africa were not turned into slaves by Europeans or Americans rather by their own people so take your asses back to AFRICA and try to collect what you think you are owed. As a slave you did receive clothing, housing and food so when you pay that back maybe we can talk. NAH!!! NOT A PENNY!!!


I'm not a slve

Never owned a slave

The definition of the word "reparation" is the making of amends for a wrong one has done, by paying money to or otherwise helping those who have been wronged.

Musta been sleepwalking or blackout drunk


14th Amendment


The thing is if you pay retribution now long after the fact the following generations will demand the same and it will never end.


I'm all for Democrats paying reparations. Not just for slavery though. Also for the trail of tears and starting the policy of segregating native Americans and putting them on reservations.


Are they going to demand reparations from the Cherokee Nation as well?


Too complicated for them to actually figure out.

The big thing they're going to pivot to when reparations doesn't get them the black vote will be universal income. $500-$1000 a month for everyone.


Promise everything, deliver nothing.


I have a "Bone of Contention" theory about such things: If it looks like it might at least destabilize any coherent opposition, then it's all good. Create an emotional polemic, then throw it down in front of folks, watch the ensuing frenzy, and do all manner of nasty stuff in the meantime.


#1619 #2019

The only candidate on the Dem debate stage in 2019 who owned slaves was Kamala Harris and her ancestors owned white Irish slaves so I am all for reparations. Let me know where I can collect my check.


Chicago introduced recreational marijuana Jan 1, 2020. They plan to expunge 770,000 drug related convictions (recently expunged 11,000). They plan to make sure that former drug dealers - those who were ‘victims’ of wrongful convictions of drug crimes can legally profit first. This is not only decriminalizing crime, but legalizing it as a form of reparations.



Réparation is a mental trap of Victimhood. Trying to tap into victimhood to gain political support is a awful way to win a election. There is nothing to gain from it as a society. If one identifies with being a victim it almost guarantees he will become one.

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