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As a trans person, I don’t fit the leftist narrative of oppression because I think critically and I detest sjw culture. I am wondering what issues others have faced regarding this groupthink ideology

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This is so refreshing! I am a female who has been in the Tech industry for over 20 years. I have never been oppressed either. But if we listen to the SJW narrative, the 2 of us should be curled up in the fetal position crying about how hard it is to be us!

Choose not to be harmed and you won’t feel harmed. Don’t feel harmed and you haven’t been. - Marcus Aurelius


Have you ever visited I think there are many lefties on that platform. They are a very emotional bunch, full of anger most of the time, and their language...! Jonathan Haidt says lefties are more emotionally engaged than conservatives while conservatives are not any less emotional but are more pragmatic (which may make them appear unemotional) - something like that. I think he's right. If anyone enjoys critical thinking and logical thinking, this is the right platform for them.

Indeed, many over emotional leftwingers on Agnostic.

@SpikeTalon Having said that, we have enough outraged, ranting right-wingers here, too. 😛

@Naomi Valid point, though I still consider this site to be better for the freethinkers out there.


Welcome. Good for you!

Regarding the group think thing, I was accused of supporting killing innocent people because I told one of "them" I thought we need to secure our borders (dude is a vegan millenial dweeb SJW type who does not work and sucks off the teet of his momma and girlfriend). Then I was promptly "un-friended" so I could not reply or influence any of the rube followers he has on the facebook. How this individual made that leap of "logic" I will never know.


I am an immigrant living in the UK. I am in the ethnic minority (apparently), but I don't think about myself being in that category or group. They don't represent me and I don't represent them. When I focus on people as individuals and not on the groups they belong to, I can get most things sorted out clearly in my head. So, groupthink - no.


Has much of the radical SJW agenda angered you? For example, allowing transgender women (born males) to compete in combat sports and literally demolish women purely from strength and power.

It has angered me to no end, what I find most disturbing is the notion that because I am under the age of 35 that I am somehow part of this collective, just by being alive within their “bubble”

When i argue against it I am usually singled out at being xenophobic and close minded, a notion i find deplorable considering my own background in paranormal investigations and the “truth movement”

I’ve witnessed great friends of mine be distracted to outright brainwashed by this groupthink, perhaps it is time for a new approach to this seemingly unending problem of needing to play the victim

Thanks for reading ?



You think critically so of course you don't fit group think

It's either all in or you are completely out with group thinkers

So, welcome again. We, well that I've seen, most of us welcome people who have a different perspective


I've been labeled prejudiced before by feminists...

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