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LINK Pursuing Truth in COVID Drug Treatment Amid a Censored Media Landscape

The COVID Hunter has quite a reputation. The I-word once again: Ivermectin is the bad boy lately. Probably one of the safest, multi-purpose, cheapest drugs in history.

jsegor 6 June 24

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Very apt title you have there.

By the way, one repurposed medicine that has not been so tainted by the WHO is the anti-asthma steroid Budesonide (you can search this drug along with the name Dr. Richard Bartlett) which I self-medicated on when I got the bug last January. Fever, coughing and wheezing gone in 4 days. Budesonide was able to evade the crosshairs of the media and the WHO that it got approved for treating "the symptoms" of Covid in my country.

I was under the impression that WHO originally were against corticosteroids for COVID-19 until some of the doctors of FLCCC were recommending it for treatment. I think I have evidence of that. However, they are still slow to adopt Ivermectin, despite overwhelming evidence. WHO also advocated against wearing masks and I think their video is still online. I don't trust WHO - too many conflicts of interest. And international bodies tend to be corrupt. They soft-pedaled the origins of the virus. The crew that went to China were not qualified to discover anything new since they all thought the origins were purely natural and the lab theory was not plausible.

@jsegor near impossible to get Ivermectin where I'm at, but Budesonide is just OTC here.

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