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I fear for his life. He is going to be retried for contempt of court on Mar. 22. The UK government might try to get him killed again. The last time he was put in prison (for a fabricated charge!), if it wasn't for a couple of prison officers who warned him, he would have been beaten to death or had his face unrecognisable by boiling water with sugar in it.

I'm really worried about that as well. I was super happy he made it through his last stint in the clink. Do you know if Rebel news is setting up another legal fund for Tommy?

I trust they're. Ezra and his team will never abandon Tommy! (Reply on behalf of Naomi)


No huge shock that he lost, if you know how he has been treated in the past. They are really out to get him, What do you think?

Couldn't agree more!

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