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LINK Stephen Meyer—Return of God Hypothesis: 3 Scientific Discoveries Reveal the Mind Behind the Universe - YouTube

An interesting non-confrontational discussion about the origins of life. This is why free speech needs to be preserved. There is no such thing as "follow THE science". There is no "THE" science. Science is a process, not an end-point.

jsegor 6 May 29

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The atheistic religion of Dielectic Materialism took over the scientific community and supplanted the Christian, Jewish and Muslim religions among the researchers. That is why, over the past century, so many "scientists" have dedicated their efforts to the search for proof that there is no God.

Shermer is a pretty impressive interviewer. He has sat down with both Richard Dawkins and Stephen Meyer and has been civil to both. I think he brings out the best arguments from his guests by allowing them to express their sides of the argument without inserting annoying sarcastic remarks or personal attacks.

The problem I have, the Darwinian view of the universe leaves no room for morality. You cannot derive morality from science, since the latter is based on observation and technology products. There is no morality to a world where a wasp can sting a spider, keep it alive so its progeny can later eat it alive. Yet it fits well with the Darwinian universe. A world without morality is a bleak one.

Scientists have failed to explain the probability mathematics behind the abiogenesis process or the complexity of the cell. The truth may be a combination of Darwinian selection and some directionality we haven't worked out yet. ID has not been disproven. And the concept of the universe as a simulation, is not far from ID.

Here is an analogy, which proves nothing, but illustrates a point. Think of the piano system with its foundational notes built on 12 tones. The music that comes out of this system is using a kind of Darwinian selection process, the fitness being the desirability of the music through the ages. However, it has an intrinsic directionality based on its properties to reveal music of a certain kind and certain logic. That 12-tone system was designed, while the selective process discovers the music within. Similarly, the properties of chemistry may have an intrinsic directionality that favors certain kinds of biological themes which transcend mere randomness of components. Especially in the presence of water. You can not rule out ID in the choice of these properties leading to something self-aware.

After all, what use of a Universe if it cannot become self-aware. The world we live it seems incredibly improbable with Darwinian selection alone. It is the structure of atoms that determines potentiality. And structures that lead to a high level of organization needs information to choose the structures in the first place.

Intelligent Design is very seductive. It forces scientists to be more precise in their models of evolution. It may be that the Universe as a Simulation may eventually supersede Atheism. That allows for both Darwinian selection AND Intelligent Design and even possible "Divine Tweaking" by the Simulator.

@jsegor I tend to agree with you that a combination of limited evolution and ID fits the data best. Faith is interested in the questions, who and why. Science is interested in the questions, what, when and how. Therefore, science cannot either prove or disprove who and why, but is excellent in discovering the timelines and mechanisms.


When science follows where the grants or the funding dictate, there is no more science. Stephen Meyer ought to have his own group here on Slug.


Fauci is not a god.

Although the leftist made him into Saint Tony.

Did you say Saint Phony?

@Bay0Wulf Even better!

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