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A 15 minute video essay on "Fake Ethics"
If "they" can get you to agree with absurdities then "they" can get you to participate in atrocities."
Ethics is not predicated on "niceness"
Excellent 15 minute video - essay on "fake ethics".


iThink 8 May 23

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I'm wondering if this isn't the basic teaching around war?
Years ago, I was indoctrinated to think d4aft dodgers were bad.
It's possible they were, but for many I later saw it was right.
I think of Edward Snowden, Julian Assange. I see the huge group condemnation of their actions AGAINST corruption.
Fake ethics, don't risk.
You DO get shot down.
At the end of the day, was I true to myself?

I think it is basic truth and it applies to everything that matters.
Ethics - the concept of ethics is intrinsic in all decision making. There can be no ethics without courage and there can be no courage without ethics. The thing I take away from this essay is that popular opinion, group-think, status quo are things we should be wary of. What has often been disparaged, discouraged and punished as "heresy" may well have been an individual act of courage to tell the honest truth - objectively.

@iThink I try to stay, as much as I can!, stay out of 'Who's right and try to head for 'What's right'.
This man gave parts II, III.
Big topic.

I'm wondering? Do you know of any example when group think was right?
I'm guessing but think there must have been sometimes?
Generally, but likely not always, I found so called conspiracy theories more correct.

Masks are bad news, but maybe sometimes needed?
That's an example.

@2FollowHim I agree - group think seems to be more about control and a demand for the people to comply - a veritable demand for the people to bow to authority.
The individual who finds courage to stand up - to NOT bow - to speak unabashedly the TRUTH about things is the quintessential heroic figure.

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