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Think I'm done with Target. That's ignorance (and wokeness) writ large...

Target honors violent Minneapolis riots with mural of burning building-

SpikeTalon 9 Apr 27

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Target is a Minnesota based company.


Don't boycott big business. Support small business. Don't buy unfresh food from supermarket. Grow fresh food or go to greengrocer. Don't go to a chain store but an independent. They only way to win


I've been boycotting them since they celebrated LGBTQEtc stuff aimed at kids. But here's the thing: every major corporation, big bank, and large foundation donates to BLM. Ditto Hollywood. So. Where to begin? My mortgage is to a pro-BLM bank. I cannot boycott that. Here, in the sticks, the pharmacy is pro-LGBTQEtc. I cannot boycott them. Amazon? Need them sometimes. I can boycott, easily, McD's, and all other fast "food" garbage, and soda, and movies, But some stuff? We're stuck. I do use a very local - and limited, but okay - supermarket. Bought my car used from a local dealer. Etc.

At least there are some businesses we can boycott, if we aren't able to with all of them.

I’m sure they’re not angels, but Walmart is a viable alternative to Amazon for many things. Some things I ordered from Amazon before Jan. 6 are readily available online from Walmart. I’ve not used Amazon since. You can also find other dealers on the Amazon site and contact them directly for items that you may otherwise not be able to find.

@Garsco I'd say that Walmart vs Amazon is like frying pan vs fire. Both are big, mean and ugly. And if I want a good book or a classical or jazz CD, Walmart won't have it. I used to use Amazon for those mom n' pop stores, but all too often they sold as "new" a book or a CD that was not only used but in rough shape. I live in the sticks, so there are no local bookstores or record shops.

@Stratslinger I do not disagree with you but Walmart hasn’t been the egregious censor that Amazon has—perhaps the lesser of two evils—and Walmart has much more online than in store. I do not rule out using Amazon if it is the only source I can find for a particular item as I too live in a rural area where many things beyond the basics are not readily available.

Not saying making changes is easy since, I, too, am having a hard time of it.
But, your "CAN'T"s are excuses and make you sound like old women.

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