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And I will continue to do so.

Azathoth 5 Apr 2

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Someone thinks Christians are the only religion to not persecute others for their beliefs or lack thereof. Your faith has blinded you.

If you look at my previous posts I don't just criticise Christianity. If you actually read what it says you would see it also mentions Mohammed (piss be upon him). Get your facts straight before criticising me.


Do what you have to do. That's all any of us can ask of ourselves.

I think Christanity has caused a great harm. Church teaches shame and people should not be ashamed of their emotions. The bible points out that man is master and women are inferior. Not so today. It is all fantasy.


I'm sorry that you've been hurt by someone claiming to be Christian.


c' mon show us - repost a few of those posts where you mocked Muhammad...I don't believe you c'mon show us your courage...put it out there.

You could just go through my previous posts they are still there.

@Azathoth yeah right


Happy Easter!!!

I feel sorry for your children

@iThink Me too. It's a shame they are living with you and their mother.


I’ll be seein’ ya going the other way. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

he posted this because I have been calling him out for mocking Christianity like the coward that he is. He KNOWS Christians will do him no harm and so he shows all the character and courage of a grade school playground bully. Acts out when he knows there will be no reprisal.
He CLAIMS that he mocks Islam and Muhammad but I have seen no evidence of that. I don't blame him really. I'm sure he likes his head attached to his body so he pretends to be an objective hater of ALL religions...and I'm sure that's true - BUT when it comes to putting out mocking and contemptuous posts about religions Islam and Muhammad are not there. I called him a coward and a pussy boy. LOL!!!

One other thing I might point out in the form of a rhetorical question: why does he find it necessary to make fun and to mock religion at all. Its entirely up to him to decide if he wants to practice a religion or NOT...he's got nothing useful or constructive to contribute apparently. I think he's a loser pussy boy. LOL!!!

@iThink you don't see the evidence because you haven't looked moron.

@Azathoth the burden of proof is on you dipshit. coward. c'mon make a muzzie mad now...lets see that mockery of a religion that will no doubt send someone around to hack off your head if and when they find out your name and address...LOL doesn't exist does it.
no you just keep playing it safe - leave Islam out of it...I don't blame you for that. So to keep feeding your need to mock things you don't understand better stick with the safe Christians...pussy boy

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