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Also, please give us your thoughts on how we should best position this site so as to live up to the ideals of the IDW movement.

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Happy to be a part of a movement that will not bend the knee to oppressive ideology. It worries me that there is a group actively targeting my liberty to be a free thinking individual. I will not stand for it.

Mmeola84 Level 5 Feb 22, 2019

I completely agree it can be lonely when you’re surrounded by leftists who have hijacked the government with all the movements and identity politics.

Wyes I like your post


I’m a therapist from Canada. I’ve been persecuted within my association for my conservative, Christian values & I’m seeking libertarian, free thinkers. Our schools & msm are fully conquered by the left & we are facing a leftist NWO. Let’s walk together for freedom & actual diversity

Welcome! Onward!

I am from nova Scotia. I agree. Stalin said keep them stupid. They are easier to control that way.

Good to see you here.

I agree completely !!

I feel we're reaching a time where we will have to create groups and professional associations for "right"-minded people. I couldn't imagine going to a lefty therapist.

@Atom Personally I prefer a move away from mythological religions like Christianity/Muslim/Catholic religions toward Interspirituality. I believe religion is the root of all evil and have indeed been severely harmed by its blind supporters.

I'm from Halifax. I'm an athiest but I think 'Christian' values keep our society cohesive and stable.

This identitarian group nonsense (right and left) and large intrusive government has to be fought against.

@Speyedy oh. Nihilism is for malaise and lawlessness

@Allhart considering they are blinded by mythological lies I’d hardly call them cohesive. No one needs rules or laws to be a decent human being.

Your not alone ??

Oh my, I am going to have to go deep in the vault to recover this one.
I believe I recall reading a very good article on this very subject. I think the title of the article was "Do we need God to be good." It was in Playboy Magazine. Probably about 1966-67 ish.
Very thought provoking.

Watching 1984 come to life, in all honesty take a look at the MSM and the ideology being forced on all of us.

@Speyedy, @Gmwwc I must have skipped past that one, no pictures.

Hello Elizabeth, I just moved back to Canada after 18 years abroad and am gobsmacked by the degree of change. Justin has been the worst PM in history and judging his support base I fear for Confederation.

Canada thats going to be a tough fix . in many ways canada is a few steps closer than america to leftist ruin .

Hello, my name is Christian but I am an atheist. I stand side by side with you, if you will have me as I have had no problems with Christians. I lived my life so far in Christian dominated countries and those are the countries that most people immigrate to because people expect to live their lives freely; choosing their religion or choosing no religion as a free country should. As I see our freedoms being eroded and people imported in who do not value freedom of religion and freedom from religion I say, “Bring on the Christians, we need more Christians!”

I work in a hospital; I totally understand.

@Paulseesitnow im not so sure of that....humans do have a moral compass ingrained in their minds "FOR THE ONES WE CARE ABOUT" once outside those parameters...i think we could eat each other!! Without some kind of general morality or guideline to give us all something to aim for i think humanity is not on another level compared to animals.....we have been...are....and will be capable of barbarism...maybe because we are humans with a larger brain that we are even more dangerous than animals.....we can do good....and we do....but are very easily turned!!

@applejack8826 I agree left wing, right wing...both belong to the SAME bird.

@Speyedy , yours may just be the most dangerous religion of all.

I'm not religious whatsoever, but I stand with you and your right to be a Christian and practice and express your religion without harassment or interference. I agree with you on the far left ideology being taught in schools.

Unfortunately until the larger numbers in the conservative / freethinking crowd stand up and push back against the postmodernist crowd one by one the left will pick us off.

@Christian1968 Hey Christian, my name isn't Christian but I am one and I was born in 1968 (if that's what your 1968 refers to). ?

Stay strong... Christianity is under assault. I know things are further along in Canada and Europe, but its getting crazy in the US too. We are just entering a Post-Christian America. Hopefully our 1st Amendment will stand... or, Im afraid folks here will exercise their 2nd Amendment rights! Prayers for all.

@Speyedy Actually they do, people are inherently evil. Have you ever had a child or been around a developing young person? Jordan Peterson discusses this and it is very true. We are all initially very selfish and impulsive, both of which do not end well if allowed to continue into adulthood... Jeudeo-Christian values have taught us that it is necessary to be decent people.

@Atom I take my grandsons for counseling and was thrilled to learn she's a Christian. However, she has to be careful with whom she shares that information in order to keep her job. We live in small town America.

Hi ... do you do couples therapy??? Plz I’m looking for a therapist for my cousin and his wife I told them I’d find them one cause I didn’t want them goin to a liberal one ...plz let me know

@Chicken I only do group work right now! I’m going to set up an online program but not there yet

@Sanford I am afraid Trudeau has only one thing in mind it seems, bringing in all the Muslims, Syrians, Isis fighters, Isis wives etc. How does this not compromise the safety of Canada. Not to mention expenses of doing so, plane tickets, English lessons, housing etc. We have South Africans who can pay their way, plane tickets, speak English, have money all they want is safety as they are being killed like animals, farmers, farm murders, children. 11,2,babies being raped, woman cut up from their genitals to their necks.. HOW LONG SHALL CANADA TURN A BLIND EYE? I HAVE E-MAILED TRUDEAU AS WELL AS FOREIGHN AFFAIRS MINISTER to no avail! What is it going to take? These are whites being persecuted and has nothing to do with Apartheid that was 25 years ago!

@Speyedy Religion has its good side, and bad side. Like guns. Depends on who is using it, for good or evil.

Can I be a client? 🥰

@Allhart to yes I agree religion does have a place in society but sometimes they seem to forget this and mix religion with politics which do not mix very well


Just got on the site. I am excited to see what this is about. I love Jordan , Dave ,Sam, and the Weinsteins etc. I used to be what you would call a sjw and like all of you i woke up and noticed they left me and went crazy. I have 3 kids ,one a 12 year old boy who is being told in school he is bad for being white and male. Canada at least Saskatchewan is really messed up.

Farrell Level 4 Feb 15, 2019

Yes, there is a growing trend towards racism/sexism towards white men. Unknown if will get better or worse smile003.gif

It is ludicrous to think all white male are sinners. I've seen so much of the anti-white sentiment in the blue bubble I live in and I'm so fed up. Is Saskatchewan that bad now? I lived in Alberta for many years and people there seemed to be more conservative, kind and sane--just normal good people.

Hey a fellow saskatchewan boy! Fantastic to see others moving from Facebook onto something more pro free speech.

@Naomimi with the Colton Bouchée trial and the way the government portrayed us and the jurors was completely false. The CBC especially was complicit in pushing the false narrative that it was an innocent kid who needed a tire changed when in reality it was a home invasion by armed thieves. The crime rate in Saskatchewans First Nations community’s is so atrocious they don’t publish the numbers. So many of us know people or ourselves work with these communities, we know what’s happening and are blown away. Murder rates, violent crimes, all unreported. My brother went up north to work up there for a bandand lasted less than two months. Too many death threats and violence, he had to leave. He went from thinking " I have to help" to " f*%k them. I’m not dying for this"

@Naomimi well we ALL are sinners...Today's promotion of identity politics and racism has zero to do with actual racism or justice. It is a way to drag others down so the accuser doesn't have to do the work to lift themselves up

Tried and true method. Divide and conquer. Hitler employed this tactic very effectively. He told gemany what the problems were and whose fault it was. We're are being subjected to the same propaganda as the German people. Blame your enemy for the acts you commit. WWII history is very important right now.

I also have three kids, one is a 12 year old boy. We pulled the kids out of the public system and found a great Christian school. I have zero complaints about the education they are getting now.

@Lilmisslippy3 that's great!!!!

@yorg you are so right and it should be apparent to anyone with a functioning brain

There is a bell curve to everything. With every action, there is a reaction. So just remember that when you're being bullied for who you are. Tell them, "Sorry... I was born this way." (A popular slogan for the left) And that usually gets them to shut up. Or screech like banshees. Its 50/50, really. Take care, Steph


Anyone who has any common knowledge knows what's happening regardless of what the MSM tries to communicate. They, for some unfathomable reason, think they are fooling people and have influence but are showing how unhinged from reality they are more everyday.

I gave money to Greald's GoFundMe. I believe if the government fails in it's duty to protect then you have the perfect right to protect yourself. All you have to do is look at how Britain is criminalising self defense to see how far the govt will go to take away your basic human rights in a western country.

My children are all grown but if my kids were in school I'd seriuosly consider home schooling if i couldn't stop the bs my kids were being taught. You don't know what might happen if you complain in writing. Could happen that the teacher who said that may be disciplined or could happen that you are harassed and ridiculed or worse. Hard to know what to do and not a decision to be taken lightly.

You can tell your son that white men built the greatest societies in the world today and that 99% of all the inventions that have today were invented by white men.

Vancouver BC here. I / We feel for you.

It seems that a decade or two ago, our society was more practical in realizing that a person’s skin color was something outside their control, and therefore not a reason to attach judgement. How did we regress so rapidly and so pervasively?

I have a young son as well, and am also a "reformed social justice warrior". I'm far more hopeful seeing that I'm not the only one.. Twitter is deceptive. I tried opening conversations regarding the IDW there, and all hell broke lose. Nearly every IDW tag has something nasty to say about this movement.

I'm sorry your son is facing that kind of persecution. Mine is still an infant, and I'm very worried about what he will face when he's ready for school. I'm considering home schoolling him until we can move out of the city (the area we are in is extremely liberal, which I suppose most metro areas are).

@Louise I hope you're right about the next generation, because I live in the Bible belt, and all of the Zs I used to work with are most certainly hard leftists. But then again, it's very easy to be stuck in an echo chamber, regardless of where you stand on the political spectrum. The only reason my eyes were opened, was because I went looking for a conservative podcast to try and understand why conservatives couldn't see that William Barr successfully pulled a fast one on them. I found Ben Shapiro, and Jordan Peterson, and listened to their interviews with Joe Rogan, and it felt like I slammed back into the earth. Like I had been floating around in a liberal dream, and someone splashed water in my face. I feel almost like I was brainwashed.

Anyway, I'm excited we are here.

Yes Canada is messed up. It is very sad and it makes me angry at times what they try and pull off with young children. Filling their heads with nonsense that they are not good enough or that they are some how less than because of the clan they come from. I hear this more and more as days go by where young white boys and men are concerned. Strange.

@Allhart yes Farrell what you are saying is true here in Australia freedom of speech is being denied the ordinary person and with so many Muslims and Sudanese which are committing most of the crime breaking into shops and doing so with violence and the people when they complain are NOT being heard

@Admin I feel it will only continue to get worse as long as we continue to react to MSM and their delusional followers.. its obviously conversation with them is best we can do is walk away from radical lefts and wait out the storm


I’m a Christian psychotherapist from England and am feeling very suffocated by the lack of free speech for those that have an opposing opinion to those on the left, I’m fed up of being called names like bigot, racist, for wanting boarder control or conservative system in our country - I love Ben Shapiro, Andrew Klavan, Michael Knowles, Matt Walsh and Jordan Peterson and have been following their podcasts and YouTube videos for a few years now - thank you for setting this up so I can hear what others do to help themselves in this not so free society we live in

Wonderful! You can help by joining their groups and posting links to their best new content. We want to help centralize the movement.

Oh beautiful minds uniting. Good.

I'm new here from Wisconsin USA, is good hearing your story and knowing we are not alone and we are world wide. Maybe collectively we can make a difference or at least have a common forum.

@Admin ok there is a disconnect somewhere- for some reason when i click on a post there isn't a reply button, looks like another gab, close but no cigar!

@Rex2020 yes it,s good to say how you feel in a safe place

Welcome I'm new to this site and agree with your post


Make it easy to upvote (ie with one click... not by clicking on the button and then having a reactions popup open) not sure if the reactions popup is useful or not but you could set up a like and a react button both. or do it like fb where you have to perform a special action (holding the button) to see reactions

Good idea. Yeah it's a bit cumbersome as is.

I would like a button for agree and disagree.


I am mostly interested in Conservative ideas both economically and socially.I am becoming alarmed by what the Progressives are trying to achieve.

Conservative, but I follow left closely. They have made their agenda known. I follow to discover their methods of manipulation.

What conservative ideas? what progressive agenda? if we want to be intellectual we ought to be able to point to some specifics right?

conservative ideas like... Repealing the ACA and Tax cuts? The need to install a more stable government in South American countries?

Leftist Ideas like... SJW's Universal Healthcare Doxing White nationalists?


A downloadable app shortcut would keep me coming back 10 times a day other than having to log in from the web

In development... hopefully out in a week or two.

If you open this in a browser, then just add the link to your homepage on your phone as a shortcut...Voila!


I'm just getting on here feels very much like Reddit. That isn't necessarily a bad thing I think Reddit is a good platform, but when I started watching Sam Harris and Jordan Person, and many others in the IDW the primary mode of listening was YouTube. With that in mind, I feel that this platform is missing a big advantage that they had when they were funding their videos with Patreon and posting them to Youtube. I believe there needs to be some kind of stream, or headline page video page where your one-click away from videos and new videos from the IDW 'Superstars'. This means you won't have to search to hard for fun things to watch when you're in a hurry, and you can still access threads when you have the time to go to the forum pages and see how deep this rabbit hole goes lol. Combining the best of both worlds may leave you with a stronger site than both, and obviously developing a strong app, but that is a more obvious suggestion.

Gtd4549 Level 2 Feb 18, 2019

Great feedback - totally agree! We will start today by consolidating every IDW feed (e.g., youtube/podcast/etc) and put a link to the content to view in their groups. If you follow the groups, then you'll have a dashboard of new content to consider. Next, we'll use a voting system to highlight the "what to watch today" content. You'll see these links in the "Groups" section.


Make it an app

It's in development. smile001.gif

Make it an app that doesn't require permission to access your entire phone smile002.gif


Stumbled in here getting out and about , Cheers every one "An attack upon our ability to tell stories is not just censorship - it is a crime against our nature as human beings." - Salman Rushdie

I love it!
I'm considering just wearing a red hat to see what kind of reactions I get.


Hello. I am a Hispanic and agree with the conservatives views that I know. I live in Puerto Rico and lived in 4 different U.S. states. It really hurts me to see how my people are really dependent on the government and the government in here put many impediments for people to be self sufficient. It has turned slowly to a socialist island and people seems to think this is how the rest of the world is. There is no knowledge of what conservative ideas are even though the mayority of the country is Christian and Christianity is very well openly preached on the streets. I have found by talking to people in PR that many believe that the only party that is good is Democratic because if you are not a Democrat, then you don't believe in Democracy. I have found many people in conservative websites, claiming to be conservative that suggest with their comments that minorities are unimportant. I would like to know your opinion about this matter. I believe in less government control and in capitalism, although I agree with social programs that help the less fortunate, but I do not believe in healthy and capable people that are parasitic of others. I am a U.S. veteran and I believe if you served the U.S. country for one whole term, then you should be granted citizenship, but that is not the case, as I have seen with friends when I was in the military. Let me know your opinions as I do like to listen to other views.

SofiD Level 1 Mar 15, 2019

As a newcomer,I'm not ready to comment except to say that my first impression is favourable. I am a fan of Jordan Peterson, Ben Shapiro, Sam Harris, and Ayaan Hirsi, although I do not agree with every concept they promote. I look forward to intelligent discussions.

ttfm Level 3 Mar 5, 2019

Great! That's the beauty of the IDW - the ability to discuss important topics with love and humanization!


Hate to say that you should probably look to the big 3 and cherry pick. They are successful for a reason. FB is addictive because your page is steady stream of is very interactive and user friendly. Twitter is much more intellectual...but who can communicate in 160 letters or less?...Oh scratch the "big 3" part...Instagram is just memes for the short attention span theater crowd. Haven't been on long enough to be have a full opinion. But the scrolling of fb with the banter of twitter...without getting banned would be sweet

Good feedback. Yep, we're trying to keep it "hand crafted" feel and not just be an addiction. We're on day 8 or so.

@Admin Please keep up the good work. I like the layout and feel of FB. It's on going campaign to silence Conservative and Christian voices, and anyone to the right of Nansi Pelosi that I don't like... and how invasive they are of your privacy. I think Freeken1 has hit the nail on the head in his last sentence; "But the scrolling of fb with the banter of twitter...without getting banned would be sweet".


Will be happy to contribute and a BIG thanks again for this platform of kindred souls with a diversity of opinions! smile001.gif


Loving the positivity of the site! And honest discourse. After checking out several sites and being quite disillusioned with the nonsense, negativity... just general intolerance of discussion and varying ideas. This is quite refreshing! Thanks so much for what you do!


I'm a conservative in a liberal state.........challenge. raising 3 grandkids taught to embrace liberalism by their parents, now deceased. I am making up for lost years of influence. I don't want to see my country destroyed by the idea that loving life, loving God, protecting my family and my beliefs makes me an ignorant immoral person to be shunned by the majority. I want my grandkids to understand why i believe as i do, to make their own intelligent decisions and be able to stand when life gets difficult. Ssharing ideas, talking and learning from like minded intelligent individuals that have different experiences and knowledge and feeling free to share my own are the reasons i joined this platform.


Connect with local like-minded conservative, classical liberal, libertarian, independent humanists that believe in The Enlightenment pursuit of the Logos.
Specifically like-minded poisonous individualists that want to join other alumni in pressuring their Alma Mater Presidents into casting out this Anti-Judeo-Christian-Google-Intersectional-Marxist apostasy that’s jumped from University campuses into HR departments.
May God guide my Christian hand against this Global Potpourri!


The Diversity Delusion. - Heather Mac Donald

Love the Logos...know the Logos.


Looking forward to learning more about this site. Fed up with the censorship of Facebook, google etc.

Dkroll Level 1 Mar 26, 2019

Free speech and basic liberty are under brutal attack, glad to see this effort to defend our ability to disagree and to persuade neighbors rather than to use force against them. Cheers!


Looking forward to reading posts from, & interacting with, like-minded individuals. Really enthusiastic about being able to follow Peterson & Shapiro. The idea of being restricted & censored in my own country is abhorrent to me, so having a place to exercise free speech is very welcome!

Yes, we're still in the beginning of the movement. The battle of major ideas is coming soon and we want civil minded people to be ready. Suggest joining the fan groups here as collectively, we post the best new content daily.


Should we add our intersectionality score on our profiles? I bet that'll make my opinions matter more due to my relatively high score, lol


Very excited to be here.

Twitter & FB are torture chambers now

Hi Iman. I’m a You Tube sub smile001.gif

But some people are masochists! haha.

@DanieSpry hi! How do u find it here? I'm still messing around with these new bells & whistles lol

You can have followers here too!


I love reading these posts. Keep allowing racists and people with low IQ's on this site, for my personal entertainment.

And the ad hominem begins. Art thou a troll? If so, get thee hence. Or else actually name any racist ideas that have been stated.

Let me guess, you’re an “independent thinker” with a “high IQ” and are “tolerant”

Case in point this Kaufman troll, shining a light upon some of their own biases


Encourage education on civil classical discourse. Encourage definition of terms, exchange of ideas, honor of individuals.

Promote education in civics and economics. I am currently watching lectures on the founding fathers. These lectures have improved my understanding of the Constitution and why it was designed in its current form.

@rw69 reading the inaugural addresses of all the past presidents is another enlightening exercise.

@JanePrice I'll keep that in mind for when I complete this lectures series. Thanks

@rw69 where are you getting these lectures? I know Hillssale has some courses on the Constitution.

@Cdaz327 the great courses. $20.00 a month for lectures on many different subjects. The have some really good stuff.


Hi there!

I work as a special educator in the states. It's an environment where if I were to speak openly about how I view the current political climate, I'd find myself alone. I've been looking around the community, and it's wonderful to see people who are exchanging ideas without fear.

I am grateful for this forum.

You're not alone. It's just the Left doing everything they can to make us feel isolated. It will not work. We are here. Welcome!

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