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Amazon's proposed new HQ building. Have you seen it? Never mind it is for Amazon. I quite like it. But then, I don't have architectural knowledge. Apparently, many people think it is hideous. Is it? Do you like it?

Naomi 8 Mar 15

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Looks like a dog shit. Who says you can't polish a turd?


It's pretty cool looking. It looks like soft serve ice cream! 😂

Hello there. I thought that, too! Lol


This kind of thing was done it China.
It attracts mosquitoes flies bugs and midges so windows have to be kept closed or the DDT monster has to be released.
Another "good ideas club" failure.


Looks like a big swirly pile of silver poop.


It's ambitious


I like it fine.


I appreciate that it has plants... I'm not crazy about the shape.

Yes, it's always nice to have some greenery.


There is nothing new under the sun. It looks a lot like the artistic renderings I have seen of the imagined Towel of Babel. Kind of fitting in a way for Amazon. I can't see Amazon lasting as long as Sears which didn't last long after they built their Tower of Babel.

I have the tendency to like helical designs.


Have we got any architect on here? Raise your hand. Lol


The Green New Deal forbids windows.


It's elitist. It's pyramid shaped, like the American class system. There's only enough room at the top for the elite. It's bourgeois.

Never interpreted like that. Interesting. Thanks.


To me it's very striking and brought to mind a near to far Eastern temple. With a twist...

I don't find it ugly, but terribly misplaced, or unsuited to its environment.

Um..., I don't know... It could be a good mix of curves and straight lines?

@Naomi maybe, but it could also be a feminine phallic imaginary imposing dominance over toxic patriarchal urban archecture.


@Naomi and yes, to some the design contrast elements of aesthetics might be pleasing.


Not that it's relevant here, but has anyone seen artists' renditions of the tower of Babel? Strikingly similar.

Now you mention it, it does look much like The Tower of Babel.


Howdy @Naomi,

Aside from the fact it reminds me of the "manure" emoji, it's just great.

Hi there. I was thinking of this. But now you mention it... Lol!

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