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Azathoth 5 Mar 11

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Can I hitch a ride ? I am trying to get to the far side of the galaxy. :-/


They should be informed this cruelty was committed by the Jews

What about the Romans?

There are several videos put out that mislead the historical accuracies which are well documented. Historical accuracy shows us that an arrest was demanded by the Sanhedrin's high priest, Caiaphas. It was known that Caiaphas was outraged at Christ's trashing of the temple in Jerusalem over the use of the holy grounds to enrich the 71 members of the Sanhedrin......who also happened to be the MONEY-CHANGERS that Christ tossed from the holy temple.
Wikipedia is already recognized as a subjective source for information, thus Wikipedia's policy of open editing.
Did I leave anything out? Do you need to know about the pseudo-trial held in which the Roman protectorate and the local aristocracy cleared Christ of any crime, yet the Sanhedrin angrily demanded his execution. It was granted to the Sanhedrin by Pontius Pilot as a gesture of Passover celebrations, and he "washed his hands" of the affair, believing Christ to be innocent of any crime

@BubbaLouie yeah, I know wiki is pretty trash these days, my point was that the jews weren't the only one's to crucify, nor did they invent the practice. And, crucifixion has in various shapes and forms been practised all over the world up until fairly recent times.

He was killed by politicians.

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