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The past stinks: New York Times calls out Pepe Le Pew for normalizing rape culture-

SpikeTalon 9 Mar 7

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Oh good lord. The entire country of france is next


These useful idiots are very useful to the bigger idiots higher up their own hierarchy, and they complain about heirarchies. Their worldview is divorced from reality, claiming to follow science yet in the same breath say that men menstruate. They want, for example, the harvesting of sharks stopped. But shark sex is a bit on the violent side that some female sharks even die of the male's bites. Oh, and aren't they trying to normalize pedophilia as if there is no actual rape involved there? Aren't they demanding for the acceptance of BDSM in the LGBT alphabet sewer soup? They are nothing if not deluded perverts and hypocrites, and they want to control your lives.


It is a cartoon about a skunk who mistakes a poor black cat for another skunk and pursues it while being constantly rebuffed. Where on earth is there any rape? Are skunks that seek to mate attempting to "rape" other skunks? Could these people be any more ridiculous? Frankly, I think most of them know this is silly, but they just want to see how much of our culture they can get away with destroying, and they will stop at nothing.

Destroying the past to rewrite it.



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